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Welcome to the Cranes Direct blog! We like to develop close relationships with our customers and clients, so as well as manufacturing and supplying high quality crane equipment, we like to post regular content as well. This includes news from the industry, who we are and what we do, insights into new, innovative products and other useful bits of information, such as how to look after your cranes effectively.

Do’s and Don’ts When Working with Mobile Gantry’s

Mobile gantry's are a simple to use product, and because of their portability, they have an extensive use within the industrial sphere today. However, as is the same when handling any piece of equipment in the industrial environment, there are many do’s and don’ts associated with this lifting medium. Please read on below to learn…
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How to Read Rated Capacity Charts for Cranes

When working with cranes, it is more than likely that you’ll be operating heavy loads, with multiple workers onsite and present. It is absolutely crucial that you adhere to guidelines and lifting capacities at all times to keep all of those around you safe. Below we have explained one such guideline, a rating capacity, in…
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A Guide to Single Girder Over Head Cranes

Here at Cranes Direct we stock four types of overhead cranes; a single girder, double girder, underslung and special application. Each has its own unique array of benefits and advantages, and has been specifically designed for particular situations. To help explain more on one of these types, the single girder over head cranes, we have…
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Ways to Modernise or Upgrade Your Crane

If you’ve purchased a crane, whether through us or another manufacturer, then we hope that you view it as more of a key part of the worksite, than simply another tool! While great steps can be taken to prolong the service life of a crane, through things such as regular inspections or lubrication, there will…
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