Crane Accessories and Lifting Equipment

Crane Accessories and Lifting Equipment

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Crane Accessories and Lifting Equipment

All types of cranes will utilise some type of accessory to aid in lifting operations. Cranes Direct can supply the most common types of crane accessories and lifting equipment to further enhance your crane’s versatility including beam attachments, hoisting devices, slinging accessories and loose tackle such as eye bolts and shackles; we can also supply more specific products for special lifting applications such as air hoists and lifting magnets. We can supply our crane accessories at the most competitive prices and with a speedy delivery, we can also offer repairs, inspections and servicing for all your lifting equipment.


We offer a range of hoisting devices to work efficiently with your chosen crane, including both manual and powered models. Our manual chain blocks are heavy duty chain hoists that provide a simple and compact lifting solution with SWL up to 30 tonnes available.

Our electric hoist range includes the latest models from the world’s leading hoist manufacturers; Yale and Stahl. Incorporate an excellent choice of model variants including hoists with integrated trolley systems and safe working loads up to 10 tonne. Electric hoists provide one of the quickest and safest means to lifting heavy loads and are frequently utilised across many industries.

If electricity in not available nor appropriate but you need a powered hoisting device then you could use an air hoist, safe and reliable lifting devices which utilise pneumatic air power. Air hoists are capable of lifting enormous loads of up to 50 tonnes.


A Beam Trolley is a common accessory on a crane, due to the fact that it not only enables the easy fitting/attachment of other lifting devices but allows it to traverse across the length of the beam to the precise position where it is needed. Cranes Direct can supply quality beam trolley’s direct to you in either manual or geared formats; manual trolley’s require more physical effort and use a push – pull motion to move the trolley whereas a geared trolley requires minimal effort by  the simple pull on a chain to rotate the gears and in turn move the trolley across the beam.


A lifting magnet provides an ideal way to lift, move and transport sheet steel, using magnetic forces the sheet material must be ferro-magnetic and clean to ensure a solid connection; there are always minimum and maximum plate thicknesses which each magnet can lift safely with various safe working loads depending on plate length and thickness.


Lifting slings play an integral part in the majority of lifting operations because they deliver the means to attach the load to the lifting device and crane. We can custom manufacture any type of lifting sling to suit your specifications including 1, 2, 3 or 4 leg chain slings with any fittings required in any size and length; web slings, round slings and one-way disposable slings can also be made up by our own team with our specialised machinery in our own factory.


Shackles and eye bolts are probably the most frequently utilised loose lifting tackle within a lifting operation. Shackles can create either a temporary or semi-permanent (depending on the pin type) connector between two devices, for example between two slings or a hoist and a sling. An eye-bolt provides an anchor point to where slings and hooks etc. can be attached safely; a swivel eye-bolt enables loading from any angle without the risk of becoming un-screwed.

If you require other crane accessories and lifting equipment contact our sales team – they are often able to help.