Light Crane Systems

Light crane systems are the ideal choice if you need a crane in production areas, smaller machine shops and other smaller working areas, where the more traditional overhead cranes are not practical or cost effective. We offer a range of light cranes and monorail systems to help boost productivity within your work station areas.

Choose from floor mounted or ceiling mounted option or a monorail floor mounted system.

light crane system

Customisable Light Cranes

Our systems are available in a range of lifting capacities from 125kg up to 2000kg. There are a wide range of options to choose from, due to the modular design. These cranes are quite flexible offering both straight and curved sections in various lengths to suit your operation, we have a range of gantry and bridge profiles to enable longer spans and heavier lifts whilst remaining lightweight. The gantry profiles can be plain or trussed light crane profilesand the bridge profiles can be plain, flat spine or trussed depending on your requirements.There are also further options of a turntable which will enable you to connect multiple systems together.

There are a range of mounting systems available to suit most structures. There are a vast range of additional components to further customise and enhance your system, from hoist trolley’s to end stops, festoon extensions to bridge buffers and many more.

Main Advantages

Tailor made to suit your needs our light crane systems can greatly improve efficiency in localised working areas when lifting lighter loads is a frequent occurrence within the same work space, they can save much valuable time that could be wasted if you have to constantly wait for a main overhead crane to become free and reach your working area.

The enclosed track system ensures high strength and low weight whilst preventing dirt and debris  affecting the track.

How are they fixed?

These light crane systems can be suspended from existing building structures using a  suspension and/or bolting method, installation is usually straight forward; these systems make the ideal workstation crane. There are a wide range of supporting brackets to choose from in order to suit most building constructions and steel work.

There are special door swivelling sections which can be used to go from one room/bay to another which have large door divides., The track can be swivelled out of the way in order to close the door between the two areas, then re-connected when the door is re-opened.

Considerations and Sizing when planning your light crane system.

When you are in the planning process, deciding exactly what you require from your crane there are a number of considerations to think about to help you get the most from your custom crane.

Height; Working out the minimum headroom is paramount if your crane is to fit. The light crane measuringmaximum possible overall height is 6.3 metres which gives a max. under bridge height of 6 metres. It is wise to keep the lifting height under the beam where the trolley sits to a minimum to keep the operational resistance as low as possible.

Bridge Length; Try to keep to the minimum span you need, remembering that the range for travel will be affected by end stops and trolley sizes. The maximum bridge length available is 10 metres (overall length = 10450mm).

Gantry Length; Floor mounted systems can be pretty much unlimited in the length of the gantry runway.

Rated Capacity; (The actual real load weight) These systems incorporate a 15% allowance in the shown rated capacity to allow for a trolley and hoist combination, eg. a 500kg bridge includes a 75kg trolley and hoist allowance.

Working Load; Try to select the crane system closest to the weights you need to lift, for example if the maximum load you are likely to lift is 210kg then choose a 250kg rated crane and not a 500kg one. This keeps the effort of moving the crane bridge to a minimum.

If out light crane system sounds like it could be just what you need then give our sales team a call or contact us using the contact us button or the rapid enquiry form, our team are always ready to help and offer help, advice and/or quotations to ensure you get the right product for your lifting operations.

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