Overhead Cranes

Cranes Direct are a UK based crane supplier, we can source or bespoke manufacture tailor-made fixed overhead cranes to your specific requirements for load handling for any industrial application. With a range of overhead cranes for sale, contact us for more information today.

Types of overhead crane available:

Single Girder Cranes

Standard single girder cranes/top running overhead cranes offer an economical solution to many applications used in machine shops, steel stockholders and warehouse situations. Mostly built for capacities up to 5000KG safe working loads and with working spans up to 15MTRS wide, these type of overhead crane can usually be fitted to existing building steel work as they have a lighter self weight and can be fitted with a lighter hoist unit as well. If fitted with an electric chain hoist this would also give you a true vertical lift which is ideal when loading and unloading precise CNC machines and the like. Whichever electric hoist that is chosen, chain type or wire rope type there is a huge range of hoisting speeds and travel speeds available to suit all applications. If you have a low headroom problem we can also offer an ultra low height hoist unit to help.

All of our overhead cranes are fitted with our standard range of C rail pendant/ power arrangement or we can fit our radio control unit for when you need to stand back from when the lift/lower of the item is taking place, excellent for when loading and unloading transport lorries with long loads.

Double Girder Cranes

Double girder cranes are used more in applications where a higher safe working load is required together with a wider span. These types of overhead crane are excellent if the application requires the load to be lifted higher as the hoist runs across the tops of the crane beams with the bottom block able to lift between crane beams. Our double girder/ top running cranes can also be fitted with maintenance walkways/platforms for ease of maintenance and repairs. The hoist units that are fitted to this type of crane are commonly known as crab units as they have to span both bridges of the crane, these types of hoist units are very durable, using wire ropes with very high tensile strengths coupled with machined rope drums and rope guides to ensure a perfect fit. Our double girder overhead cranes can also be fitted with a second/auxiliary hoist to assist with dual point lifts which can be useful if lifting a long item; as with all cranes we can supply with single speeds, dual speeds or inverter driven to give a smoother lift or travel.

Light Crane Systems

Our light crane systems can make a real difference to the way you work; they are very flexible in terms of movement and with safe working loads of up to 2000KGS usually fitted with electric hoists to aid individual operations over workstations/areas that are not covered by a larger overhead crane. These light overhead crane systems can be fitted to existing steel work or can be suspended from goalpost structures, designed and fitted in the working area. Most light overhead crane systems are push/pull travel as standard but they can be fitted with power drives where loads are not possible to handle manually. Light crane systems are mostly manufactured from closed profile construction which will protect the moving parts from dust and general industrial dirt, all the parts in the main rolling system are bolt together which makes the crane system very easy to install, change and add to as the customer needs.

Under Slung Cranes

Under slung cranes are used more where a standard crane would impose on floor space. These cranes use the existing building structure to support the crane rails that the under slung crane runs on giving you the best possible hook path with max ceiling height available. These cranes can be fitted with electric chain hoists or wire rope hoists depending on the application and load required; you just need to remember that the load is being taken on the supporting structure and must be checked to see if it is capable of taking the loads imposed above.

Special Applications

Cranes Direct can call on years of experience when it comes to special application cranes. We can provide very successful solutions to the most unusual lifting problem, whether it’s high loads or liquid metal transport for the steel industries, automatic cranes for the waste and nuclear industry or high duty for the foundry and scrap industry.

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