A Frame Gantry Cranes

Custom Manufactured to suit your needs up to 4.5 m high & 5 metres span

Plated feet option for floor mounting

Up to 5000kg lifting capacities

Optional extras; catenaries, festoons, isolators, knock-out boxes,

All types of lifting accessories available.





A-Frame Gantry Systems

Here at Cranes Direct we manufacture our own bespoke A-frame gantry systems to a high specification, which all meet BS standards and conform to EU regulations. We can also offer inspections and repairs on site as well as other equipment to enhance your gantry.  We can custom make your A frame crane to suit your requirements within the size ranges stated.  Here is a little information on A frame Gantry Systems.a frame gantry crane dimensions

An A Frame Crane provides a great solution for lifting and lowering heavy and cumbersome loads, in a stable and safe manner. An A Frame Gantry can offer a great substitute to those big or permanently fixed, crane structures. These require lots of space and are much more costly and unnecessary for something which may be used infrequently. An a-frame gantry system is cost efficient,  not permanent and easy to move to other locations, or into storage if not needed.

 What is an A Frame Crane or Gantry?

Common terms to describe an A Frame Gantry include; a frame lifting gantry, a frame crane, mobile a frame gantry or mobile gantry.

An A Frame Gantry is a type of crane which is not permanently fixed to a building structure like an overhead gantry crane is. Our A-frames consist of a horizontal beam supported by two “A” shaped end frames /legs. They are welded together by our highly experienced welders / fabricators for the strongest framework possible. They are very similar to a mobile lifting gantry however they do not have any wheels and so cannot be moved around so easily.

The A Frame crane has special plated feet which may be bolted directly into the floor for extra stability, this is ideal if the gantry is to be used in one position most of the time. However these bolts can be removed at a later date if the gantry needs to be moved to a new location, where it can be re-bolted down as necessary. A-frame gantry systems can be used just as efficiently when not bolted down, this enables the gantry to be easily moved to different work areas and so is the perfect solution to lifting loads in more than one place within your working environment.  So if you need to lift heavy loads, often in different work areas, or do not wish to permanently change your working area with a fixed overhead crane then an A Frame crane could be what you need. They provide a non-permanent, cost effective and efficient means to lifting heavy loads.

How Is an A Frame Gantry Crane Used?

A Frame cranes are easy to erect and take down if and when necessary. Consisting of just 3 main components which are simply bolted together. This system allows them to be transported to a completely different site on the back of a lorry if needed, and subsequently re-erecting it by fixing and securing the main bolts on each leg to the top horizontal beam.

A-frame gantry systems are used by positioning the frame above the load to be lifted. When the gantry is bolted down the load will need to be taken to the gantry, whereas an unbolted gantry can be taken to the load. The load may then be fixed to the desired lifting appliance which has been safely fitted to the horizontal beam. Beam clamps or beam trolley’s together with a hoisting device are the most common choices. Cranes Direct can supply any type of beam attachment and hoisting device to compliment the a-frame crane.

Safety Precautions

It is most important as with all lifting gear products to check them frequently, looking for any flaws which could seriously impede its lifting capabilities and safety. You should look for cracking in welded joints, deformed or dented beams, loose bolts, debris on the runway etc. And of course you should also check other lifting devices in the same way. If there is any doubt over the safety of the device then get it inspected and tested by a competent engineer before use.

Due to the fact that these lifting gantries can lift tremendously heavy loads they must be inspected and tested at regular intervals. Thorough inspections should be carried out on a yearly basis, or sooner, depending on how it is used. This must be carried out by a qualified person, who can also carry out load testing to ensure it is up to the job of lifting to its safe working load limit without any difficulty, and therefore ensuring the safety of your gantry.

Cranes Direct engineers can carry out these legally required inspections as well as repairs, installations and servicing.

It is extremely important to note that an a-frame crane should NEVER be moved whilst under load, this is dangerous and may cause the gantry to tip over.

Key Benefits of an A-Frame Gantry

An A Frame Gantry has many benefits and can be the perfect solution to heavy lifting in a wide range of industrial sectors, as well as smaller workshops etc. The non-permanency of these gantries means much smaller layout costs than a fixed overhead crane. A-frame’s also do not require structural surveying to ensure the building’s stability.

A-frame gantries are a cost effective, easy to erect, load bearing framework for lifting applications in multiple locations.

An additional benefit to using a mobile lifting gantry is the vast array of additional devices that can be used on the gantry. This is important as the lifting gantry itself is really only the load bearer. Additional lifting equipment will be needed to actually lift and lower the loads. Most lifting gantries will need a beam clamp which fixes to the horizontal beam in a fixed position or a beam trolley which can be moved across the beam when needed. These can be manual or powered for extra ease of use. It is to these beam fittings that you can affix numerous other lifting appliances such as an electric hoist, lifting magnet, lever hoist or a chain block. It is these appliances that will actually lift the load. Other beneficial additions could be isolator switches for extra safety with electrically powered equipment and leather suspenders to hold the cables out of the way.

safe use of an A-Frame Gantry Crane

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