Air Hoists

Robust, Compact & light
Easy to handle
SWL up to 50 tonne
Conforms to all necessary standards
3 model ranges, TCR, TCS & TNC
Ideal in harsh environments
Low maintenance


Pneumatic Air Hoists

Cranes Direct can supply a wide range of high quality pneumatic air hoists with safe working loads up to a huge 50 tonne, they are an excellent lifting hoist to compliment your crane. You can be assured that these hoists conform to all relevant standards and directives including BS EN 14492-2.

Why and Where to use an Air Hoist

Air hoists are ideal for use with overhead cranes, Jib cranes and Mobile gantry cranes and are perfect for use in locations where it is impractical or impossible to use electrically powered lifting devices, this is often the case in areas where explosions may occur such as areas where there are flammable gasses, mists, vapours or combustible substances; our ATEX rated models are ideal in these situations. Sometimes there are situations where there is no electricity supply or it is not cost effective in high use areas, using air power can not only make hoisting loads possible in these areas but can also increase output whilst keeping costs down as our TCR model has low air consumption. The actual air consumption varies across all models when both lifting and lowering, with lowering a load using slightly more than when lifting.

These ranges of air powered hoists are capable of operating in extreme temperatures between -10 and +70 degrees Celsius, making them ideal in the harshest of conditions. The air motor is self cooling with the exhaust located over the motor.

These hoists are well known for their excellent durability, they are compact and lightweight and so are perfect for use with a mobile gantry crane or a Jib crane; air hoists are robust lifting devices with extended duty cycles, and high strength cast steel casing; (low capacity models up to 980kg have lightweight aluminium housing) they also boast low noise output which is down to 80dB(A) due to the silencer and filter, both of which can be easily changed.

Key Features

The working pressure of the hoists is 6 bar and requires an air connection of ½”BSP with a minimum ½” hose diameter. You can choose between cord or pendant controls as standard or radio controlled as an optional extra. All models incorporate upper and lower limit switches, epicycle gear box and Toku rotary vane motor as well as alloy safety swivel hooks with safety catch; the failsafe, automatic internal disc brake for extra reassurance, the disc brake system will not fail even in the event of power failure). Models with a working load limit above 980kg incorporate an automatic, adjustable load limiter.

Optional Extras Available

Our range of air hoists offers additional extras to further enhance your air hoist and crane, to give it maximum versatility. Our optional extras include:

  • ATEX rated specifications – for extra safety in explosive environments.
  • Marine specifications - for added protection in marine type applications.
  • Special paint systems - for more corrosion protection against specific variables, both interior & exterior uses.
  • Festoon system – To hold cables out of harm’s way
  • Radio control - the easiest method to operate the hoist (electric supply required)
  • Main air shut off valve – to quickly shut down power in case of emergency.
  • Air service units – to keep air supply clean, dry and lubricated.
  • Chain collectors – to hold un-used lengths of chain out of the way.

Air Hoists brochure PDF


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