Beam Trolley

Push, geared or electric
Robust, quality trolley systems
To suit most beam sizes
Safe working loads up to 5000kg
Enhance your crane versatility
Models to suit all types of cranes.


A beam trolley is an excellent accessory for all types of crane systems due to the fact that it enables easy attachment of any hoisting equipment you may need. Beam trolleys easily fit to the flange of a steel beam though you must make sure the trolley is the correct size to suit your beam size and type; the majority of trolley systems are adjustable to a certain extent. Trolley systems can greatly enhance Jib cranes and Mobile Gantry cranes with the main benefit being that using a beam trolley allows you to traverse the hoisting equipment and load across the working span of the beam, thus enabling you to locate equipment and/or load in a precise position.

Types of Beam Trolley

There are three main types of beam trolleys, push travel, geared and electric, all of which have their own individual benefits and their effectiveness will depend on how you intend to utilise the trolley and the type of lifting applications it is going to be used for.


Push travel trolleys are the most basic type of trolley, and therefore usually the cheapest option, they are also the easiest to maintain. These types of beam trolleys are manually operated and are moved across the beam by a push – pull action. Cranes Direct can supply manual push travel trolleys with safe working loads up to 5000kg and to fit a range of beam widths, they incorporate a central screw type clevis bar for easy adjustment to fit the beam perfectly every time. The high quality wheels with encased ball bearings enable the trolley to traverse the beam smoothly.


Geared travel trolleys are a mid-range system; they fit to the beam the same as a push travel trolley with simple adjustment with the central screw load bar; they also use similar wheels with encapsulated ball bearings for smooth running; The main difference with a geared trolley is that they incorporate gears to 2 wheels which are fixed to a chaining mechanism, with minimal effort the chain is pulled down causing the chain to run over the gear sprockets turning them, this in turn rotates the wheels to move the trolley across the beam to its required location. We can supply geared trolley systems with safe working loads up to 5000kg, in various beam sizes.


Electric travel trolley systems are at the top end of the scale and whilst may be more expensive initially they could be more cost effective in the long term. These electrically powered trolley systems can smoothly and effortlessly traverse the beam at the touch of a button. They are ideal for use on larger cranes, either higher, where push or geared trolleys cannot be reached easily, or cranes with a wider span to allow quicker and easier movement of loads across a wider area. We can supply electric travel trolleys at competitive prices; they incorporate high quality components for excellent reliability with a shackle connection point for easy attachment of hoisting equipment. Available in safe working loads up to 5000kg, and to fit various beam widths and flange thicknesses.

If you would like more information on our beam trolleys, take a look at the technical data tab where you can find all the sizes and specifications on the models we offer.


Safe Use of Travelling Girder Trolleys

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