Double Arm Jib Crane

Two jib arms
simultaneous lifting operations
2 different SWL options
Cost and space saving.




Double Arm Jib Cranes

Did you know that there is a double arm jib crane? They are fairly new types of Jib cranes and not widely seen yet!

Ask yourself - have you ever had the need to lift and move two loads at once but simply do not have the room and/or funds for a second crane? Cranes Direct can help!

Double Arm Jib Crane Benefits

A floor mounted post/pillar jib crane can have two jib arms mounted to one post, this can save on precious floor space that you would lose if you had to install 2 independent jib cranes. One of the major benefits will be the cheaper price due to the fact that there is just 1 post/pillar but 2 jib arms so in essence it will cost more than a standard jib crane but less than 2 standard jib cranes.

Apart from the space and cost benefits there are also other advantages to using a double arm jib crane; each arm can rotate independently of each other and so can cover a much larger area slewing up to 360 degrees. It is possible to have the jib arms made with different lifting capacities, for example one could have a 125kg safe working load and the other arm a 500kg SWL; once again this can impact on the cost with lower safe working loads being typically cheaper than larger ones.

You can tailor your jib arms to suit the type of loads you will be lifting and use different lifting accessories on each arm, for example you could have a beam trolley and electric hoist on one arm and a chain block on the other – the variations are huge giving you fantastic versatility.

Of course one of the biggest and best advantages to a double arm jib crane is that you are able to lift and move two loads at the same time, e.g. one could be used for unloading pallets in one area whilst the 2nd is placing loads onto a conveyor belt, the possibilities are endless.

Optional Extras

As with all our jib cranes there are a number of extra additions to further enhance your jib crane, these are:

Festoon system


Leather suspenders

Knockout Box

Isolator switches

Lifting Accessories - Beam attachments & Hoisting Devices

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