Double Girder Crane

Can be used in multiples
Supplied with complete hoisting system
Up to 50 tonne lifting capacities.


Cranes Direct can offer great value double girder crane systems with quality components to ensure longevity complete with specialist electric hoist systems to work in harmony with the crane system.

What is a Double Girder Crane?

A double girder crane is a type of overhead crane system consisting of 2 bridges or girders spanning a supporting steel framework, often the width of a factory. The 2 girders have end carriages connecting them at each end; these carriages contain wheels (usually 4 or 8 depending on the size of the crane) and a motor which allows them to travel back and forth along the gantry framework.

Key Features & Benefits

Double girder cranes are top running, which means they run along the top of the steel gantry this allows the maximum height under the beam/bridge. The hoisting system is a crab unit which runs across the top of the beam giving you the maximum possible height of lift as the hoist & hook can effectively be drawn right up in between the 2 girders. Because there are two girders on these overhead cranes they are capable of lifting much heavier loads with lifting capacities up to 50 tonne available.


Our double girder cranes are more versatile, and are offered in a range of girder constructions to optimise your working space in buildings both old and new.

There are some occasions where space is extremely restricted above the top of the crane bridge, in these instances we can provide a trolley system with a submerged construction.

Because of the double girders we can offer other options to make your overhead crane even more versatile; options include; walkways, auxiliary hoists and various control options and speed ranges.


The high specification electric hoist system that goes hand in hand with these cranes is specially designed for optimum performance and longevity, boasting low and easy maintenance due to the externally located hoist brake, motor and gearbox, making access quick and easy. There is an inspection cover over the gears and a motor coupling inspection point as well as a non-captive switchgear.

Both hoist and crab unit are powered through either pendant control or remote radio control, with the same systems also operating the movement of the main bridge.

The double girder overhead crane system can be tailor made to suit both your environment and lifting operations with a range of lifting capacities available right up to a massive 50 tonne.


Cranes Direct can offer a range of crane services to compliment your crane, see our crane services page for more details.

Here are some of the main details of the hoisting system to compliment our cranes, available in a range of constructions/layouts to suit different crane types including double girders, single girders, low headroom hoists, twin rope hoists and more. Call us for more details.

overhead crane hoists

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