Heavy Duty Floor Crane

heavy duty floor crane
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The ideal engine lifter or workshop crane.
Heavy duty rating
500kg and 1000kg models available

Product Description

A floor crane may also be referred to as an engine lifter, engine cranes or workshop crane.

The heavy duty floor crane that we offer is perfect for removing engines for repair or replacement in independent car workshops, however they can also be utilised for many other lifting tasks around your workplace, such as loading and unloading pallets.

They are available in 2 safe working load models, 500kg and 1000kg each coming with your choice of parallel or 'v' chassis.

Key features of our heavy duty floor crane

The main chassis or frame of this floor crane is available in 2 variants, these are;  with a parallel chassis or a 'V' shaped chassis, to enable easier access in specific areas depending on your requirements.

The main vertical arm and boom fold down for easier storage making them ideal for occasional use and wherever space is at a premium. The boom or arm cantilevers out, it can be raised up to 2080mm in height and extended out to 4 different positions in 100mm increments from 1130mm up to 1430mm by means of locating the pin into the relevant hole.

This floor crane incorporates a slewing hydraulic system which can rotate making it more easy to access in confined spaces and also has a sensitive lowering valve.

A parking brake is fitted to ensure the crane stays in position, this comes as standard.

For further information regarding floor cranes including some basic safety aspects please refer to the main floor cranes page.


ModelChassis typeLifting capacity B mmC mmE mmD mmG mmH mmI/J mm Weight KG
HWK KLS 0.5Parallel500/1130400/1230350/1330250/14302200208077094016801820990/850138
HWK KLS 0.5V500/1130400/1230350/1330250/14302200208077094016801820990/850132
HWK KLS 1Parallel1000/1130800/1230700/1330500/14302200208077094016801820990/850156
HWK KLS 1V1000/1130800/1230700/1330500/14302200208077094016801820990/850150

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