Underbraced Jib Crane – Floor Mounted

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to your specifications

Optional extras

up to 3000kg SWL

Various heights and spans





Jib Cranes –Under-braced - Floor Mounted

Manufactured in our own factory these underbraced jib crane can be made to your specific size requests using only quality steel. Conforming to all necessary standards our Jib crane specifications have been professionally calculated, are extremely reliable and have been tried and tested for many years across a wide range of industries, in fact many of our customers come back to us when they need additional Jib cranes, which is testament to the quality and reliability.

How a Jib Crane Is Fitted.

Commonly called free standing or floor mounted these  Jib cranes use heavy duty bolts to secure them to the floor, because of this it is essential that the floor or foundations are solid and stable and are able to take the weight of both the crane and the loads that will be lifted. In some cases the foundations may need inspecting and testing by a qualified person to assess the strength and stability.

Why an Underbraced Jib crane?

These floor mounted Jib cranes have an under-braced arm/boom to provide the essential support and strength. An under-braced Jib crane can be fitted closely to the ceiling enabling you to achieve the maximum possible height of lift; this type of crane is ideal in places where headroom is more limited and the ceiling height is lower.

Lifting Capacities;

Our under-braced floor mounted Jib cranes can be manufactured in six different lifting capacities; 125kg; 250kg; 500kg; 1000kg; 2000kg & 3000kg so there is a good range to suit the majority of workplace lifting applications.

Slewing arm;

The arm or boom of the underbraced Jib crane is able to slew or rotate through 270 degrees as standard; however it is possible to add a number of stops to enable you to limit this range. The arm is manually rotated and moves smoothly enabling easy movement of loads within the slewing arc of the jibs arm.

Dimensions Available;

We can manufacture our under-braced, floor mounted Jib cranes in any height up to a maximum of 5 meters and with any span / arm length up to a maximum of 5 meters; please note however that our largest model – the 3000kg version is only available with spans up to 4 meters.

Optional Extras;

There are a range of additions that we can add to your Jib crane during the manufacturing process to further enhance its versatility, these include; catenaries; festoon systems, isolator switches and in addition – any type of lifting and hoisting equipment from beam trolleys to electric hoists & lifting slings to chain blocks all at the most competitive prices around, call our team for more information.

Time Frame;

We operate a tight ship and always aim to manufacture and supply our Jib cranes as quickly as possible, the time frame from manufacture to delivery and installation if required is usually 7-14 days, however we can sometimes deliver quicker and on occasion it may take just a little longer, often due to variables out of our control, but we will always keep you informed.



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