Mobile Gantry

Custom built mobile lifting gantries to your own requirements

Conforms to British Standards

Mobile or fixed options

Safe working loads up to 5000kg

Any height up to 4.5 metres

Any span up to 5 metres


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A Mobile Gantry may also be referred to as an A frame gantry, Mobile Lifting Gantry or A frame crane; they provide a means of lifting in multiple areas without the need for a permanent installation or alterations to your workplace.


Cranes Direct source the best quality Steel to produce our own portable lifting gantries, fabricated in our workshop by our highly experienced team to high standards. Our custom made gantries are designed to suit your exact specifications and comply with British Standards BS2853/BS2573, are CE marked and all necessary documentation is included.


When measuring up for a mobile gantry crane we generally ask for the height under the beam measurement and the working span; however if you only have the total height measurement (including the top beam) and/or total span measurements that is fine as we have can precisely calculate both the under beam height and the working span. Our expert team of fabricators can produce a mobile gantry crane to perfectly match your requested sizes up to a maximum 4.5 meters high (measurement taken under the beam) and a maximum 5 metres span, with various lifting capacities up to and including 5000kg.


Other additions to further enhance your mobile lifting gantry include parking jacks, catenary systems and isolators; the main benefits of having parking jacks fitted is that it makes the gantry more stable, especially on uneven ground, as the individual jacks, which are fitted to each leg are height adjustable by up to 450mm. Parking jacks are fitted as standard to our 2 largest models, the 3000kg & the 5000kg, and can be fitted to the smaller 500kg, 1000kg & 2000kg models as an optional extra. Catenary systems consist of an overhead wire that is fixed between the ‘A’ frames legs; this is used to hold power cables out of harm’s way, often with the use of leather suspenders to attach the power cable to the catenary wire. An isolator switch may also be fitted to the leg of a gantry to enable all power to be disabled at the push of a button. Both isolators and catenary systems are nearly always fitted to a mobile gantry if it is to be used with powered hoisting devices, mainly for safety reasons.


Our Mobile or A frame gantry products come in three main parts; 2 ‘A’ frame legs and a top cross beam. The cross beam is secured to the ‘A’ frames by 8x grade 8 bolts; this not only enables them to be self erected, but also easily dismantled and put into storage or transported elsewhere. The 4 heavy duty swivel castors, 2 of which incorporate brakes come supplied as standard, however you can have all 4 wheels with brakes if you require or even have no wheels at all if you would like to use it in a single location where with the use of floor plates it can be bolted to the floor.


Our mobile lifting gantries are utilised in many areas though are predominantly used where loads need lifting in different areas due to the fact that they are ‘mobile’ and can be easily moved around the site to wherever they may be needed; A lifting gantry will often be observed in manufacturing plants, construction sites, dockyards, packaging plants, engineering works, distribution centres and many more. We have supplied our bespoke gantries to small businesses, huge corporations and famous enterprises; Lotus sports cars were very happy with their custom gantry, designed to lift their team Lotus sports car at a specialist car show.  It should be noted, however, that a mobile gantry should NOT be moved whilst loaded – this is because the movement would make the load move/sway which could cause the gantry to become unstable and topple over.


The general maintenance of a mobile gantry crane is relatively simple, you should always ensure the beam runway is clean and clear of debris; the parking jacks should be lubricated and tighten securely; the castors should be kept clean and well lubricated, should move freely and the brakes lock securely. It is also wise to regularly check for other issues which may affect the safety of the gantry such as; loose bolts which should be regularly checked and tightened if necessary; if distorted steelwork and/or cracked weld joints are noted then do not use the gantry – refer to a specialist. Mobile lifting gantries must undergo a thorough inspection and load test annually by a qualified person and records of these inspections must be kept on record.


  • 4 heavy duty castors
  • 2 braked castors
  • Painted Trafalgar blue
  • Parking jacks on 3000kg & 5000kg models


  • 4 braked castors
  • Plated feet (in place of castors)
  • Catenary system
  • Isolator switch
  • Parking jacks on 500kg, 1000kg & 2000kg models
  • Other colour options available on request.


We often get asked whether our gantries are adjustable, the answer in no, they are manufactured to be a fixed height and span. If you need an adjustable, mobile gantry then take a look at our aluminium gantry page, these are lightweight, foldable and fully adjustable.

It is essential to note that a mobile lifting gantry should never be moved whilst under load, due to the fact that a moving/swinging load could cause instability of the gantry which could then tip over.

safe use of gantries

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