Single Girder Crane

Up to 25 tonne lifting capacities
Choice of crane travel control
Range of Hoist options


What is a Single Girder Crane?

A single girder crane is a type of overhead crane with one main bridge or beam on which hoisting equipment can travel along to the precise position required to lift and/or lower the load.

Unlike a runway beam which is fixed in one place the bridge/main beam on a single girder crane can travel, this is due to the fact that it has two end carriages which incorporate motor driven wheels which enable the bridge to travel along the supporting steel work fixed to the building structure.

What lifting applications are they best suited to?

This type of overhead crane only has one girder/bridge unlike a double girder crane which has two, and so therefore is ideal for lighter loads, usually up to around 25 tonne. Typically used by steel stock holders to handle large steel sections; they are also commonly found in machine shops and large storage facilities to enable quick and easy handling of large and awkward loads.

The Single Girder Cranes we offer

Cranes Direct can offer two main types of single girder cran, the LX for lighter applications with SWLs up to 5 tonne and the ZX with SWLs up to 25 tonne.

These cranes are lighter in weight than double girder cranes and therefore will often require lighter & smaller steel framework/gantry system which can greatly reduce cost and space. We generally supply our single girder cranes complete with an electric hoisting system, designed to work together with the crane for optimum effectiveness, providing smooth operation, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and maximising the use of the production area.

These cranes are operated from a touch button control pendant or a radio controlled hand set; these will both drive the crane and the hoist.

The Hoist

The uniquely designed electrically powered hoist we supply specifically with these single girder cranes boast many benefits, there are no external trolley or hoist gears ensuring they provide a longer working life than those with external gearing. There are long life guide rollers which eliminate wear on the beam flanges and also remove the need for wheel flanges which can be a large wear part on other hoists.

There is no need for a counter weight due to the reaction roller which improves traction and control. Other benefits include; disc brake system for high control braking; extra load security – will always hold the load even if power fails.

There is also a choice of crane travel control –

 1) Two speed motor, soft start, inertia fly wheels, auto timer control (slow through to fast) precise control.

2) Smart-drive, sensor-less current vector controlling system with – condition monitoring, LED diagnostics, removable memory board and fully programmable speeds, acceleration and deceleration.


The hoisting systems to compliment these cranes boast a wide range of features to work seamlessly with your chosen crane system, they com in many different formats to fit the various crane types but the basic operation specifications are the same.

overhead crane hoists

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