Standard Floor Crane / Engine Crane

engine crane
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Standard model up to 1000kg SWL
variable boom length
5 positions

Product Description

Standard Floor Crane / Engine Crane

Our standard floor crane or engine crane as they are often called, has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg and is manufactured from reinforced tubular steel with a welded construction. These rugged floor cranes are the perfect piece of lifting equipment for any car maintenance garage or workshop and make the removal of car engines a much easier and safer task.

Weighing just 110kg this light crane is easily folded to be stored out of the way which is a bonus in areas where space is limited.

Key Features

Long hydraulic rams with built in by-pass mechanism.

5 position extending arm/boom from 620mm up to 1020mm.

4 wheels for easier movement.

Incremental safe working loads dependant on the position of the boom, when the boom is located in position 1 the lifting capacity is 1000kg; this reduces in 100kg increments until the last position 5 where the lifting capacity is reduced to 600kg.

Due to the extending nature of the boom the hook position will vary in height depending on the boom location up to a maximum 2170mm.

The variable features of this floor crane make it a very versatile lifting accessory for any small garage, factory or workshop, with easy set up and manoeuvrability these cranes are not just for lifting engines, pallet unloading is a simple task as are other smaller lifting applications around the workshop.

For some basic safety information please refer to the main page for floor cranes.


ModelBoom positionCapacity (KG)Min hook height (mm)Max hook height (mm)Boom length (mm)Weight (KG) 

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