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Cranes Direct is a crane and crane accessory manufacturer and supplier. We are a leading supplier for all things that are mobile lifting equipment and gantry crane related including hoisting and lifting equipment accessories. Manufacturing and supplying fully-tested crane equipment and accessories we specialize in portable gantry cranes for easy lifting across different locations. We also offer comprehensive installations, servicing, repairs and inspections for all types of gantry crane and lifting equipment. Carried out by our own qualified installation team and service engineers.

Based centrally within the West Midlands Cranes Direct are well located to serve the whole of the UK. Whether just to deliver your products or a full installation of your chosen crane and accessories. We can often arrange for site visits to discuss your needs in finer detail. This not only helps us to better understand your lifting requirements but will also ensure you get the best crane arrangement to meet your needs.

Cranes Direct can manufacture or supply a wide variety of craning systems from overhead cranes to floor cranes. We can supply them together with any other lifting equipment you may require. Meaning that you can get everything you need for your lifting operation from just one supplier. What's more you get all the after sales back up you are likely to ever need.

If you need any portable gantry crane you have come to the right gantry crane supplier. Our range of mobile gantry crane and portable gantry systems include lightweight, foldable aluminium portable gantry systems, floor cranes, garage cranes and A-frame gantry systems.


Bespoke Cranes & Mobile Lifting Gantry Systems

We have our own fabrication workshops where we can custom build both Jib Cranes and Mobile Lifting Gantry / A-frame gantry systems to suit your own specific requirements. We use only quality steel and all come fully tested and certified to meet all the necessary requirements.


Jib Crane

Jib cranes are ideal for regular use in the same location such as specific production/manufacturing work areas. Or anywhere that loads are lifted and moved from one place to another within the Jib's span on a regular basis.  As part of our bespoke range of craning devices our Jib crane systems can be produced for floor, wall or column mounting. They can also be made with either under or over bracing and a variety of slewing ranges. Our jib cranes can come with fixed or swinging arms, as well as in a range of sizes, lifting capacities, mountings, bracings, rotations, and compatibility with our crane accessories.  Any measurements up to 5 meters high and 5 meter radius can be catered for.


Mobile Lifting Gantry (Portable Lifting Gantry)

Our bespoke mobile lifting gantry systems can be manufactured with heights up to 4.5 meters (under beam) and with spans up to 5 meters. With a range of options to suit your needs including; parking jacks, festoon system and isolator boxes. Our mobile gantry cranes are ideal in areas where lifting operations are carried out in different locations across your site/factory for example.


A-Frame Gantry Crane

Our made to order A-frame gantry cranes are the same as our mobile gantry systems but without the wheels. We can fabricate plated feet for these A-frame gantry systems to enable them to be bolted down to the ground for more stable lifting in a particular location. We class these as semi-permanent cranes as the bolts can be removed if the crane needs to be moved to another location. Similarly we can also add the castors if you wish to make the A-frame gantry into a more mobile crane in the future.


Aluminium Gantry / Portable Gantry Crane

Aluminium lifting gantries are the truly portable gantry cranes which can be easily assembled by one person (two is even easier).

Cranes Direct supply lightweight aluminium gantry or portable lifting gantry systems in a range of sizes/lifting capacities up to 2000kg. Aluminium gantries are much lighter than steel gantries, making them a lightweight alternative. We also manufacture our aluminium gantries to be compact, foldable and adjustable in height. Meaning they are suitable for a range of applications and tasks. If you are looking for equipment that is easy to transport and assemble, then our aluminium gantries could be for you.

Due to the fact that they are foldable, these portable gantry cranes are easy to load into your van/truck and take them to where they are required. The set up and take down processes require just 3 steps with minimal effort.


Overhead Crane Systems

Alongside our range of smaller jib cranes and gantries, we also offer large Overhead crane systems and runway systems. These types are commonplace in many factory and warehouse type settings and are ideal for the frequent movement of heavy loads within its span. With the option of a single girder crane, double girder crane and under slung cranes, Cranes Direct can accommodate for these types of crane systems including manufacture, servicing, installation and inspections.


Light Crane Systems

With the option of a ceiling or floor mounted or else a monorail type light crane systemMobile on offer, we have the solutions for your lighter lifting problems. Best used for industrial applications, we can supply these light cranes to suit your exact specifications. Light cranes are ideal for use in smaller areas where a permanent, fixed overhead gantry crane is required but a standard large dimension overhead crane is simply too big.


Mobile Floor Crane / Engine Lifter

Floor cranes are perfect for use in smaller workshops and garages. They make ideal engine lifters and are often referred to as garage cranes. These types of floor crane are easy to transport and place into storage as they fold up somewhat. This makes them great for use in confined spaces. We supply these crane types from the leading manufacturers including Steerman, and come in a range of lifting capacities up to 2000kg.


Gantry Crane Supplies & Lifting Equipment Accessories

Our extensive range of cranes, are suitable for a variety of different weighted loads, applications, and industries. We also offer many gantry crane and lifting equipment accessories. Cranes Direct can supply crane accessories to further enhance your crane system. The range includes hoisting equipment such as electric or air hoists and manual chain blocks. Our range of accessories also includes beam trolleys, lifting slings, lifting magnets and loose tackle such as shackles and eye bolts. Everything you will likely need to complete your lifting application. All types of cranes will use at least one, often more of these lifting accessories.


Our Crane Services (Installation, Servicing, Repairs & Inspections)

To complement our crane systems and accessories we also provide delivery and full installation services. We an also accommodate servicing and repairs to all lifting equipment. Trained engineers can also carry out your essential annual or bi-annual inspection and provide all the necessary documentation for your safety records. Our team of fully trained inspectors, installers and engineers are on-hand for your every need.

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Tailored services, products & Established relationships

Using our on-site facilities, we can manufacture and supply our equipment to match your exact specifications. Our bespoke equipment means you'll be delivered a perfect solution. We also offer a range of products from well-known brand leaders, and can even source a particular product that you may be looking for using our established relationships and contacts.


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If you're looking for a UK based gantry crane supplier, who specializes in providing a range of heavy-duty crane systems, accessories and supplies, then you've come to the right place. Interested to know more about our products and services, or have questions and queries? Visit the about us page, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team on 01384 76961 or fill out a contact form here.

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