Portable cranes such as our mobile gantry crane or aluminium gantry crane are hugely beneficial to businesses who need to regularly move their lifting equipment around. Below we’ve included some great images of portable cranes

#1 Hand operated gantry crane

portable cranes

This picture shows a small, hand operated gantry crane and hoist. You can see just how small it is by comparing it to the size of the door!

Credit: Les Chatfield

#2 Bridge crane

portable cranes

While cranes do a lot of moving, they too have to be moved themselves! This image shows a dismantled bridge crane which can be easily driven around by a truck.

Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

#3 Samson and Goliath

portable cranes

The Samson and Goliath cranes, manufactured by Harland & Wolff, were famous cranes in Belfast. They have one of the highest lifting capacities in the world, at 1,600 tonnes. The wheels on the bottom make the crane portable.

Credit: ADTeasdale

#4 Bridge building

portable cranes 

The above image shows the building of a bridge using a portable crane. These twin overhead cranes are able to run along the side of the bridge, placing huge steel beams down.

Credit: Oregon Department of Transportation

#5 Crane on a van

portable cranes

Some cranes are portable because they have wheels on the bottom, some because they can be disassembled and easily moved around, and some because they can be driven around! The image above shows a crane attached to the back of a van, making it easily portable around multiple worksites.

Credit: Sludge G

#6 Barge crane

portable cranes

Further to image number five, here is another inventive way that cranes can be transported around to various worksites; on the back of a barge! These cranes will obviously only be useful for places that have water, but the marine and shipping industry is one of the largest users of portable cranes in the world.

Credit: John Skelson

#7 Portable cranes in the shipping industry

portable cranes

As we wrote above, the shipping industry is one of the most common users of cranes, and this image above is a great shot showing two large, overhead cranes working at a shipping yard.

While they aren’t easy to transport around due to their size, they will have wheels attached to the bottom to allow for portability around this specific shipping yard.

Credit: Kabacchi

#8 Wheels on an overhead crane

portable cranes

The image here gives you a much better view of the multiple sets of wheels that you will commonly find on the bottom of an overhead crane. You can also see the safety blocks that are in place to stop the crane rolling away!

Credit: Derek Yu

#9 Close up of the wheels

portable cranes

Here’s an even greater close up of the wheels of an overhead crane, which have been detached for one’s viewing pleasure.

Credit: Derek Yu

#10 Tiny portable crane

portable cranes

Size doesn’t have to matter with this cool, tiny portable crane. While it might not do much lifting, it makes a nice addition to the office desk!

Credit: Les Chatfield

Looking for more information on our portable cranes?

If you like what you see above with the applications that can be completed using portable cranes, then there’s a good chance we can help you with your own application! For more information, please visit our product page here or get in contact with us here.

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