Buying a floor crane sounds easy enough but there are many factors to consider ensuring that you receive everything you require from your purchase. In our latest article we explore ten qualities to demand when buying floor cranes. Put these qualities to practice and you are bound to have a floor crane which will last your business for many years to come.

floor cranes

Read our guide to ten qualities to look for when buying floor cranes

 1)    High manufacturing quality in Floor Cranes

Above all else ensure that the floor crane is built to a very high quality standard. This will often be visually obvious – just by looking at the crane. It is always advisable to ask an engineer to inspect if you are unfamiliar with the product or company. Look in particular for a sturdy construction which is not likely to break under the strain of everyday use.

 Additional reassurance about a particular floor crane model or company can often be found online through reviews or even better talk to a company that use this product already and can provide first-hand testimony.

 2)    Mobility in Floor Cranes

A major requirement of any floor crane is mobility. Any floor crane should be lightweight and have manoeuvrable wheels which provide both easy transportation and options for storage. Mobility ensures that the floor crane can be used in various locations around a workplace and also that the crane can be moved into a storage area when not in use.

 3)    Easy to assemble and disassemble

As we have said floor cranes need to be mobile, aligned to this is an ease of assembly and disassembly. Functionality such as folding legs and jib arm makes it easy to simply fold the floor crane and then unfold the legs and jib arm for later assembly.

 4)    Multi position boom

The boom or jib type arm length will determine the reach of the crane. Cranes with multiple positions can be most beneficial as they can extend or shorten the reach of your floor crane; always check how many positions are available on your crane to determine if the reach will be long enough for your application.

 5)    Weight overload protection

A floor crane needs inbuilt weight overload protection. This prevents the floor crane from attempting to lift a weight beyond its weight lifting capabilities. Obviously there are significant health and safety benefits of ensuring weights lifted are aligned to the capability of the crane.

 6)    Extendible legs

Extendible legs are another useful feature in a floor crane. They provide increased support and stability when a floor crane is being operated at the maximum possible jib extension.

 7)    Custom features to specification

One of the most important requirements of a floor crane is that it “hand in glove” meets your exact functional requirements. The ability to custom specify the features you need is important for the floor crane to operate in your unique operating environment and circumstances.

 A prime example would be in the oil and gas industry, where inbuilt anti-sparking is required to work within explosive atmospheres.

floor cranes

Ensure the floor crane you buy can be customised to your specification

 8)    Test certificate and letter of conformity

Ensure that with any floor crane purchase you also receive a test certificate and letter of conformity. The test certificate will show that the floor crane was thoroughly tested before it was dispatched for live use. The letter of conformity will state that the floor crane complies with all required standards for floor cranes.

 9)    12-month guarantee

Whenever purchasing a floor crane always ensure that you have a 12-month guarantee supplied with the crane. This is standard practice for purchases of new floor cranes and protects the buyer from the costs of fixing defects which may arise soon after manufacture.

 If purchasing a floor crane second hand a 12-month guarantee may be difficult to obtain. It is recommended if purchasing a second hand model to let an engineer inspect the product before you buy. This will often mean that any defects found upon inspection can be fixed prior to purchase.

 10)    Value for money

The last but by no means least quality to look for is “value for money”. Quality does cost money and is well worth paying for, so look for “value for money” rather than the lowest cost. Shop around and ensure that the floor crane has everything you need and is competitively priced.


Never rush into a floor crane purchase, always shop around and understand your requirements. The “devil is in the detail”, so understand what it is exactly you are buying and the full functionality of the floor crane you are about to buy.

 Buying a floor crane from Cranes Direct

Are you looking to buy a floor crane? Then why not check-out our range of floor cranes at Call us today on 01384 76961 and we can create a custom specification floor crane to meet your exact requirements.


Image Credits: Ed Warehouse and Smart Rig Cranes


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