5 Ways to Increase the Life Span of a Jib Crane

All of our jib cranes, and any other pieces of lifting equipment we manufacture or supply, are always done so with the highest quality and care in mind. For this reason, they naturally have long service lives. However, as with all equipment, they will suffer natural wear and tear along the way. Here are five…
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A New Year of Opportunities – Cranes in 2018

The end of one year and the beginning of another naturally brings about a period of reflection, and it’s no different with us here looking at cranes! Much of the world continues to develop at a rapid pace, and the invention of new technologies naturally helps to further the development in all industries, including with…
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Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Safe Crane Working Practices

In 2015/2016 alone, an estimated 621,000 workers in the UK sustained non-fatal injuries while at work. (Labour Force Survey - LFS). Of these, 20% were injured while handling, carrying or moving heavy loads. Statistics like these further strengthen the case for ensuring safe work practices everywhere. It almost seems as though we’re not doing enough.…
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