Warehouse Crane Usage

If you work in or manage a warehouse, you know how important it is to keep everything running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Cranes will be some of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can use in a warehouse, and below we’ve covered seven of the most common questions we get about warehouse crane usage from our customers.

 #1 Why should you have a crane in a warehouse?

 You may be wondering whether or not you even need a crane for your warehouse? Cranes are a cost-effective and reliable solution for any warehouse, helping to move around the heavy cargo without putting any further strain on your employees! And with cranes that can be mounted overhead or on a wall, they can add to your operation without taking anything away.

 #2 Which crane is best suited to the task that I need to complete?

 We have multiple cranes on offer at Cranes Direct, with everything from small floor cranes to larger overhead cranes. Each has its own set of unique qualities and benefits, and we would recommend thoroughly researching the different offerings first or speaking to a member of our team.

warehouse crane usage

Cranes can be used to move the large amount of storage in warehouses

 For example, floor cranes are more suited to lifting smaller loads, and can be easily moved around a warehouse thanks to its portable nature. However, they can only lift up to 1000Kg, and so you would want to consider a jib crane for a similar piece of lifting equipment but with stronger capabilities. Further still, an overhead crane has the strongest lifting power, and has the added benefit of not taking up any space on the warehouse floor.

 #3 Is it a one-size-fits-all with my crane?

 Not at all! As we explained above, each of the cranes that we have offer a different set of benefits, so this is something that you’ll need to consider. But furthermore, all of our cranes are compatible with multiple different lifting accessories, which are also suited to different tasks. Some are electrically powered, while others will need to be operated manually, and each can handle loads in a different way. You can see our full list of cranes accessories here.

 #4 How often should I inspect my crane?

 In-line with the Materials Handling and Storage Guide, and with our own recommendations, we would suggest inspecting your crane before each and every use. It is highly likely that your crane will be lifting incredibly heavy loads, and it’s imperative that you ensure the safety of the crane, the load, and those that are working within the warehouse.

Our cranes are designed to be safe and reliable, but all equipment will suffer wear and tear, and regular inspections will help to keep everything and everyone safe. You can view some of our previous safety advice here.

warehouse crane usage

Overhead cranes operating in a warehouse

 #5 How should I store my crane?

 As with the above guide, you need to ensure that your crane and any lifting accessories are stored properly and away from any corrosive or detrimental elements. Some cranes, such as aluminium gantries, have a higher resistance to things such as rust, and so we would recommend speaking to a member of our team on how to properly store your particular crane.

 #6 What do I do if I have a problem with my crane?

 The important thing is to make sure that you stop using it immediately to avoid risking any harm to you or others that are working within your warehouse. All of our cranes are designed to be incredibly robust and safe, but you may, at times, have some problems. If so, we are on hand to help! We offer numerous cranes services, with everything from crane installations to inspections and repairs. Just let us know if you’re having a problem.

 #7 Who needs to be present when using a crane in a warehouse?

 It is important that you have someone who is either qualified in proper crane usage, or has adequate training with the crane that you have. For heavy lifting tasks or multiple lifting tasks, you need to have proper planning in place prior to the operation.

 Have more questions about warehouse crane usage?

 If you have more questions about warehouse crane usage, then feel free to ask one of our team.


Image credits: Marcin Wichary and Imyers83

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