A lifting operation can be a complicated process, and can have the potential of involving dozens of different people and pieces of equipment, sometimes even hundreds. With so many different parts and pieces, and often strict deadlines, it’s important that they flow smoothly. Hiring a crane consultant can greatly help with this, and here we’ve given you seven reasons why.

#1 The law

While the law doesn’t specifically state that you must hire a crane consultant, it does provide very clear instructions when it comes to the planning and supervising of operations, as well as the inspections of equipment. It states that these must be carried out by a competent and qualified person.

Lifting guidelines

It’s important that you are compliant with all relevant lifting guidelines

While this person doesn’t need to be a consultant, it’s likely that their experience will have placed them in good stead to offer you advice. Or, should you be unsure exactly how to abide by the law, you could hire a consultant to give you all the information that you need.

You can read more on the laws here.

#2 Reducing the liability of your operation

By following all of the relevant laws and guidelines you are helping to ensure that you reduce your liability should any unnecessary or unwanted accidents occur. You can hire an expert to offer further advice on how you can reduce this liability.

#3 Increasing the safety of your operation

That being said, the primary goal here is not to reduce liability, it’s to make a lifting operation, and all of those involved within it, safe. But, the two go hand-in-hand. By having an expert show you ways to reduce liability, they will at the same time be helping to increase the safety of your operation.

They can also offer additional safety tips, such as what personal protective equipment (PPE) you should look to have for your particular operation.

#4 Maximising efficiency and productivity

As well as offering tips on how to make an operation safer, they can also provide insights on ways in which to maximise the efficiency and productivity of your crane. This can be with advice on things such as which is the best lifting accessory to use, where your crane may be best placed, and what the correct way is to handle your crane.

#5 Reducing your business costs

By helping to increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation, a consultant will be able to recommend the most cost-effective solutions for your business for any operation. As a business, it’s obviously important to you that you can keep these costs as low as possible, while ensuring a high-quality product or service is delivered.

Crane consultant

A crane consultant can reduce your business costs

By combining the factors above of reducing liability and costs while increasing safety and efficiency, a consultant is more than worth the initial cost.

#6 Offering expert knowledge

A lifting operation involves many things, sometimes too many things to think about! A consultant, who will be an expert in this industry, will have hundreds of hours of experience at working with these many moving parts.

They can help to bridge together all of their expert knowledge to keep your operation flowing smoothly.

#7 They may be able to offer additional assistance

There are other tasks that you must consider with your crane, and a consultant may be qualified to help with these as well. These tasks are:


  • Installations
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Inspections

It’s important that these operations are carried out by the experts to ensure that they are completed safely and to a high standard, a consultant can be perfect for this. If they aren’t qualified for such a task, then they will be able to recommend someone who is.

If you want to know more about how we at Cranes Direct can help with these tasks, please read more on our crane services page here.

Looking for a crane consultant?

If you’re looking to speak to the experts, then look no further! With plenty of years’ experience in the cranes and lifting industry, we can give you counsel on everything from the right accessories that you’ll need to ways to maximise efficiency. You can get in contact with us here.



Image credits: qimono and stevepb

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