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Cranes Direct is dedicated to ensuring your privacy when visiting our website. We aim to make your experience on our site as informative, safe and dependable as we possibly can. Our privacy policy which is shown below details how we make use of any information that you disclose to us when using our site and also what steps we take to protect it. When we ask for any information so that we can remember you when you visit our website then we want you to feel safe that any details you give us will only be used as set out in the terms of our privacy policy. (There are times when we need to update this policy but we will make sure that this page reflects those changes)

Our policy will include what sort of information we look for and collect and also what steps we take to keep it safe and protect your personal information along with website security.


What data our website collects:

We may need to collect the following information:

When you call us, send an email or visit our website either to make a specific enquiry or place an order then we may need to collect or ask for certain information from you. It will all be relevant to give us an understanding of your requirements or choices.

The information we may need not only on the enquiry and quotation process but also in general trading will include:

  • Company names and addresses

  • Contact phone numbers

  • Individual employee names

  • Contact fax numbers

  • E-mail addresses

  • and in the case of orders- banking/payment details

If you disclose information of another person then it is important that you obtain their agreement to the disclosure and processing of any such information.

Any information given helps us comprehend any requirements that you might have and helps us ensure we provide you with information and suggestions we think would be of assistance. Any details that you give us may also be kept by us for our own internal records. We would most likely contact you via the e-mail address given but we could also contact you by telephone, fax or post if you have given these details. (Please state if you have any preferences)

We keep your details for as long as necessary to complete the transaction or as long as we are required by law to keep it. Any general information arising from enquiries would be kept for 12 months and financial information for 5 years. Whilst test/inspection certificates would be archived. Data that is no longer required is destroyed. We never sell, lease or in any other way give out your personal information that you have disclosed unless we have to do so by law or have your authority to do so.



We are committed to the security of any data you give us. We have the required internal policies and procedures in place using managerial, electronic and physical means to protect any details we collect to make sure any release of information or general access to it is kept from happening.

If you would like any further information on our Privacy Policy and commitment to the General Data Protection Regulations please forward these to Stephen Shaw

If you would like us to provide you with any personal information we hold about you then please forward this request to us in writing. We would however require full and appropriate evidence of your identity. This may be a photograph of a driving license or passport suitably certified by a bank/solicitor. If you would like us to delete any information we hold about you then please advise in writing accordingly however the general safeguards will be required as above.


Our website will often include links and attachments to any other sites which we think that could be of interest. However it is advisable to note that if you use any of these links to leave our website that we have absolutely no control or influence on these other sites. We are not aware or responsible for any security arrangements they have in place to ensure your details are safe and protected. They will not be controlled or bound by any of our privacy statement. Please ensure you take the utmost care to read the statement regarding privacy issues applicable to that individual website.

A short introduction to cookies:

Cookies are messages or segments of data which generally include information about any users. They are on your own hard drive within your computer and our own website also sends out those to try and establish your preferences. These types of cookies are programmed to follow your passage through our website trying to find out and influence your likes so that we can adapt and use any data to improve our website so that you find it pleasing and helpful. Any of our cookies cannot let us have access to your computer to obtain any personal information that you have not specifically disclosed to us.

All new and up to date web services and browsers automatically let cookies through onto your computer system. However you can almost always alter your computer settings to restrict cookies being added to it if you set your systems to block cookies. Please note if you do this then you may not be able to benefit fully from visits to our site.

Any cookie sent out by our site will usually:

  • Ensure our systems works as we designed it to.
  • Record and keep preferences noted during visits to our website.
  • Allow sharing of pages by assorted popular/favourite networks such as Facebook and Twitter etc.
  • Allow you to interact with our website.
  • Lets you use the enquiry forms ‘on line’
  • Accompany your visit giving us information to help us better our website in terms of speed, imposing security and generally making the experience more pleasing.


Cookies used by us are NOT:

  • Designed to gather your private information without having your absolute authority.
  • Designed to collect any information that is sensitive and personal without your complete permission.
  • Forwarding data to essentially advertising bodies.
  • Sending recognisable information of a private nature to other parties.
  • Employed for paying commission on sales.

Your consent for cookies to be used:

At the time of your first visit to the website you will most likely see our banner informing you that we like many others use cookies. We use the ‘implied consent’ principle as stated and exercised with the 2011 EU cookie law. We presuppose that you have automatically chosen to allow our site to use and send out cookies. It is your responsibility to deny access if required using your own computer choices or using the information detailed below.

If you would like to find out a little more information regarding any specific cookies used on our site then there is some basic information below, however for more detailed facts you should visit the information commissioner office (ICO) webpage which will show up to date advice, guidelines, and information etc on the current cookie law.

Social Networks:

We encourage and appreciate any users of our website to share content, data or features in the most popular and common social media systems such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc amongst many others. To make this sharing simpler to use and allow more freedom our website utilizes widgets generally the same ones collected straight from any social media networks or any combined widgets from other third parties such as ‘add them’. Please keep in mind that any cookies and privacy policies along with their procedures can change. You should always rely on your own preferred privacy settings. The cookies are only sent out if you are signed into these specific networks when you use our website.

Tracking with Statistics:

Our website uses Google Analytics which allows us to record and accompany you storing any of your visits numerical details. The details can include general volume up to the identification of the browser you’re using to look at our website with. Any information we obtain is vital to allow us to understand and collate enabling us to improve our website in many ways such as ease of use, application and browsing speeds and promoting and ensuring greater security and safety.

Google Analytics is a highly safe, dependable and favoured product from the world leading Google brand. Privacy and security is of the highest importance to them. You can find more information about this on their safety guidance page. Please remember that Google also have their own Google Analytics opt out browser add on. This will let you have the capacity of opting out of all websites that track you using Google Analytics. However you should note that Google Analytics collects no personal/private information.

Our websites have been built utilizing the most common WordPress system. They either use WordPress in part or full in the applications. Cookies are used by WordPress to allow our visitors to use our site to its best advantage. They allow you to interact with its content. You are not required to take part in this, we do not automatically send out cookies to your website they only come into play if you use the forms on our website. You will see that our websites commonly use enquiry forms; they are there to allow you to contact us using these if you prefer. We endeavour to protect them as much as we can by using anti-spam procedures trying to make sure any visitors to the site are living people or organisations and not principally software robots or computer programs.

Stopping Cookies:

Virtually all browsers will let you make a choice or modify your settings for any website that you browse. By altering your browser settings you can stop any cookies. Always remember you may limit your ability to use the system on our website if you do. If you need to learn about disabling cookies in detail then please read advice given by Google, it is precise and informative. If you have any concerns about any cookie that results from any visits on the internet then you may also be troubled with spyware.

These are more precise types of cookie that look for more private information about you. There are several anti-spyware systems available on the market to stop this. We recommend learning more about software that is available. We suggest visiting Always bear in mind that you can remove or stop Google Analytics on any website by downloading the opt out browser add on from Google.



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