5 Advantages of Using an Aluminium Gantry Crane

An Aluminium gantry crane, as opposed to our range of mobile lifting gantry cranes that are manufactured from steel, offer an alternative solution for the lifting gear market. We want to offer our customers as much choice as possible with lifting gear products, and there are many benefits to choosing the aluminium gantry alternative. Below, we explore 5 advantages of using aluminium gantry cranes. 

1.    Aluminium gantry cranes are weather resistant

One advantage of using an aluminium gantry crane over other mobile lifting gantry cranes is that aluminium is extremely resistant to the weather and subsequent corrosion. Due to aluminium’s qualities, the aluminium gantry crane will not rust, even if it is left out in the rain. This means that you will never have to worry about the weather if you plan to work outdoors! This also greatly increases the working life of the aluminium gantry crane. 

2.    Aluminium gantry cranes have an adjustable height

Aluminium gantry cranes can be used for a range of tasks as they have an adjustable height, with heights ranging from 2m to 6m depending on the model that you choose. This means that your aluminium gantry crane will not only be useful for one task but can instead be adaptable to multiple situations.

aluminium gantry crane

An aluminium gantry crane 

1.    Aluminium gantry cranes are lightweight

Aluminium is much lighter than steel, making it a great alternative if you are looking for something that is easier to manage than other metals. This makes the aluminium gantry crane extremely portable, allowing you to easily manoeuvre it around your worksite, or even between various worksites. 

Alongside their lightweight nature, our aluminium gantry cranes are also manufactured with wheels at the bottom, making them even more portable on a worksite. These wheels have swivel-lock casters in place, ensuring they will not move while you are conducting a lifting or lowering task. 

2.    Aluminium gantry cranes are strong

Despite its much lighter nature, aluminium gantry cranes are still extremely strong. It must be said that they will not be able to lift as heavy a load as a steel lifting gantry crane. If you are looking for a more lightweight, portable crane that can still get the job done, then the aluminium gantry crane is the perfect solution. Our aluminium gantry cranes have safe lifting, lowering, and suspending loads of up to 2000KG. Whilst our other mobile lifting gantries have a safe lifting, suspending, and lowering load of up to 5000KG. 

3.    Aluminium gantry cranes are easy to assemble

Our range of aluminium gantry cranes are extremely easy to assemble, taking just four easy steps to complete. With its lightweight and folding nature meaning it can be easily transported between sites, and its quick-to-setup nature, aluminium gantry cranes make for perfect lifting equipment. They can also come complete with a range of lifting accessories such as chain blocks or electric hoists, making them easily compatible and adaptable for a range of tasks. 

Want to know more about our lifting gantry cranes?

Listed above are the biggest advantages of using aluminium gantry cranes, but each of the pieces of equipment that we have on offer at Cranes Direct offers its own unique set of benefits to any lifting problem that you need solving. Interested to hear more? Get in touch with us here.


Image credit: Alex Berry

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