We’ve talked at length in this blog about some of the many industrial uses for cranes and lifting equipment, how you should operate them when lifting heavy loads, and also some of the varied industries and applications you will find them being used for. In this post we wanted to share something a little different, and show that not only are cranes and lifting equipment great for industrial tasks, there are also amazing crane uses and inspirational lifting equipment.

Amazing Crane Use for Dinner In The Sky

The Dinner In The Sky restaurant is a hugely famous restaurant found in over 45 countries across the world. This “restaurant”, sees a bar/table which serves around 20 people, being suspended from a crane high above the streets below. Waiters stand in the middle of the bar, ready to tend to all of the guest’s needs. Fancy a meal in the sky?

Helping Henry VIII

Henry VIII is perhaps most famous for his six wives and the splitting up of the Catholic Church, but some reports say that he became so large in nature, a pulley system had to be used to lift him on and off of his horse. Poor horse!

Saving the lives of animals

We often hear stories of animals ending up in distress, particularly whales finding themselves being beached on nearby shores. Cranes, and other pieces of lifting equipment such as slings and heavy movers, are often used to help lift the whales up and get them back into their natural habitat.

Harlingen Harbour Crane Hotel

The Harlingen Harbour Crane, which was built back in 1967, ceased its function as a piece of lifting equipment in 1996. Rather than deconstruct it and break down the parts, the inside of the crane was stripped out and converted into a hotel instead.

amazing crane

The Harlingen Harbour Crane Hotel

It now remains as a luxury hotel, where guests can control the direction of the crane so as to choose the view that they want!

Cranes dismantling themselves

In what seems like a strange function for cranes, they are often used to deconstruct and take apart other cranes. The Kockums Crane was previously the largest gantry crane in the world, measuring at a huge 453ft high and able to lift a massive 1,500 tonnes. However, it was last used in 2002, at which point it was dismantled using another crane. It became such a huge landmark at the place that it was situated, Malmo in Sweden, that its dismantling is referred to as the “Tears of Malmoe”. This is because it is said that the residents here wept tears when they saw this iconic crane being dismantled and shipped away.

What else can cranes and lifting equipment do?

The above shows just some of the amazing crane uses and what inspirational lifting equipment  has done over the years. Here at Cranes Direct, we’ve been working with cranes for a long time, so have heard plenty of stories over the years! If you want to hear more, get in contact with us here.


Image credit: olafpictures


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