Cranes Direct Copyright Statement 

We at Cranes Direct have spent, and continue to spend, much time ensuring we offer useful, interesting and reliable information through our blog and our product pages.  We are committed to delivering unique content that may, at times, take inspiration from other sources, but is still our own property, hence this copyright statement. 

We, therefore, must place a copyright on this content to ensure that it remains the property of Cranes Direct alone. We ask all visitors to take time to read through our copyright statement to ensure that you both understand and agree with what has been laid out before you read through any content; particularly if you plan to write pieces of content yourself based from our own.

Copyright and Licenses

Please read our copyright statement before continuing to use the Cranes Direct website

Cranes Direct copyright ownership

We at Cranes Direct are the sole, exclusive owner of and any contents listed on this website unless specifically stated otherwise. This includes any text, website coding, images or photos used, audio and video clips. Cranes Direct ask that none of the content listed above is reused for any commercial purposes, which includes full use, partial use, modifications or adaptions, or the publication of any of our contents to third party websites.

Using Cranes Direct content for personal use

We carefully create content for our customers and visitors to help inform you. We are more than happy for any of our visitors to use our content for personal use, whether this is by downloading it to your desktop or printing it off; again, only as long as this is for personal or professional use, and not commercial use. Much of the work we do is based on recommendations and word-of-mouth, so we welcome you to share any content that we have created through link sharing or social media. Any backlinks that you can create to link back to our website is extremely appreciated; we want to help as many customers as possible!

Obtaining Cranes Direct’s permission

If you would like to use our content for something other than personal or professional purposes, then please do get in touch with us. You can contact us at the following address:

Cranes Direct

Units 16 & 17 The Wallows Industrial Estate

Brierley Hill


Alternatively, phone us on 01384 76961, e-mail or contact us here.

If contacting us, please explain what purposes you would be using our content for, and we will aim to respond to your request as soon as possible, which is typically within 72 hours. Please be aware that we may decline your request to use our content when we believe that it is not in the best interests of Cranes Direct, or its members, for you to reuse our content.


Please get in touch with us if you think there has been a copyright breach 

Potential legal action in the case of a copyright breach

Cranes Direct has spent much time carefully creating this website and all the content that is featured on it. If it is clear that copyright has been breached, we reserve the right to pursue legal action. 

Our first point of action is to try and resolve the situation. We will contact any third parties that have breached copyright, usually through e-mail, requesting that the copyrighted content is removed from where it has been published. If the content is removed swiftly, we will take no further action.  

Failure to remove content, or if our request is declined, Cranes Direct reserve the right to begin legal action. This includes, but is not limited to, seeking an injunction to have the copyrighted material removed. 

What to do if you see Cranes Direct content published elsewhere

If you see Cranes Direct content that has been published elsewhere, wherever this may be, which has clearly been copied (regardless of whether the content has been attributed to us or not), please do get in touch with us. Cranes Direct would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer, and upon being contacted we would review the situation and take the necessary steps as listed above under ‘potential legal action in the case of a copyright breach’. 

Copyright claims made against Cranes Direct

We at Cranes Direct are committed to providing 100% unique content that is interesting, valuable and created by ourselves, although it may have drawn inspiration and ideas from other sources. If you believe that Cranes Direct have themselves breached copyright in some way, although this is extremely unlikely, please do let us know immediately. Upon being contacted, Cranes Direct will review and resolve the situation quickly, treating this as a matter of urgency.  

We at Cranes Direct appreciate the time you have taken to read our copyright statement. Please do enjoy the content that we have created for you!



Image credits: Smashing Magazine and David Wees.

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