Cranes and crane equipment will be working with heavy loads on a daily basis, and this strain and pressure will naturally begin to wear down your equipment. While all crane equipment is manufactured to have a long service life and to serve you well, it’s inevitable that its quality will decrease over time. To prolong the use of your crane equipment, below we’ve laid out some preventative maintenance measures. You will also find some corrective maintenance measures for if you are already having a problem.

Preventative maintenance measures

Below are some tips on preventative maintenance measures for your crane equipment. Remember, it’s better to be proactive, not reactive!

Staying within the weight limits

All pieces of crane equipment will have a working load limit and a safe working load. The former refers to the maximum that your crane equipment can lift before it breaks, while the latter is a safe limit set well below the maximum to ensure that your equipment lasts for as long as possible.

Stick to the safe working load of your crane equipment and you’ll be able to prevent any unnecessary problems.

Sticking to the guidelines

Guidelines are set in place for a reason, and when they tie in with various workplace and lifting laws, you know they need to be followed! Familiarise yourself with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) guidelines for useful tips and guidance on preventing problems with your crane equipment.

preventative maintenance

Make sure that you always stick to the rules and regulations involving crane equipment!


Store your crane equipment properly

As well as using your crane equipment properly, it’s also crucial that you take the necessary steps when you aren’t using it too. This means storing it in an environment that is conducive to a long service life.

For example, webbing slings and other pieces of steel equipment shouldn’t be stored in environments with moisture or corrosive elements.

Have patience!

It can be easy to want to quickly get a lifting or lowering task over and done with, but it’s important to have patience when operating cranes and cranes equipment. Some cranes, such as floor cranes, typically work slower than some of its counterparts, so make sure you operate them with the patience that they deserve.

Just as lifting weights that are too heavy can damage your crane, so can pushing it too fast.

Operating it in the right way

Cranes and crane equipment can have many different parts and pieces that result in their final composition. Ensure that the equipment is only every operated by someone who knows what they’re doing, or else you run the risk of causing damage.

Inspect your crane equipment regularly

We can never stress this point enough, but it is so important to keep inspecting your crane equipment regularly. The absolute maximum for this should be every 12 months, but we would recommend at least every 6 months, but more often if you can do so.

preventative maintenance

It’s important to always carry out proper inspections of your crane equipment

As we said, cranes and crane equipment are designed with a long service life in mind, but faults can happen, and it’s important that you keep on top of this to prevent any damage. You should also consider keeping your equipment well-oiled, allowing it to continue to operate with ease.

Corrective maintenance measures

Should you be having problems with your crane or crane equipment, listed below are some steps you should take for corrective maintenance.

You may need to replace some parts

You’ll need to accept that from time to time, equipment will get damaged or simply finish its service life. Some parts or whole pieces of equipment may need replacing, and this is just part and parcel of operating in a high-pressure industry!

Stop using the equipment

Make sure that you give your crane equipment a thorough inspection, and if it truly is damaged, you must stop using it straight away. Once a piece of crane equipment has been damaged, it is difficult to know what weights it would be able to handle without breaking completely.

Get in contact with us for all of your corrective and preventative maintenance needs

If your equipment is damaged, or you aren’t sure, then it’s important that you get in contact with us. We offer a huge range of services for cranes and crane equipment, including installations, repairs, servicing, and inspections.

We can do this either at your own worksite or at our own workshop, and we can provide this regular preventative maintenance service to ensure that your crane equipment remains in a good working condition.

Should your equipment have sadly gone past its service life and you think that it is time to replace it, simply let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect new piece for your application.


Image credit: geralt and skeeze

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