Cranes are extremely important pieces of equipment, used to lift loads that would otherwise be impossible to lift. Jib cranes are one such type of crane, offering a unique service to many different industrial settings worldwide today. Read on below to find out more about swing jib cranes, their benefits, and the different types we stock at Cranes Direct.

What are swing jib cranes?

Swing jib cranes are a type of lifting medium consisting of a horizontal load supporting boom, which is attached to a pillar than can be either free standing or wall-mounted. A hoist is suspended from the horizontal boom, and it is the hoist which is used to lift and lower loads of varying weights.

Our jib cranes 1024x995 - Everything You Need to Know About Our Swing Jib Cranes

One of our jib cranes from us here at Cranes Direct

“Jib crane” is a term that covers all lifting mediums that have a moveable boom attached to a vertical mast, and so there are in fact various different models used within the industrial sphere today. They are commonly used in industrial settings such as warehouses, dockyards and in the construction industry, but can also be found on commercial and military ships.

Most models have a hand powered/manual rotation, in which they can rotate a full 360°. With some jib cranes, the load can also be transported along the beam either manually or electronically, depending on the model. This movement gives the operator the ability to fully move a load both vertically and horizontally a full 360°. Wall and pillar mounted jib cranes are unable to rotate a full 360° due to the wall or pillar restricting the crane’s movement.

Benefits of using swing jib cranes

There are many advantages associated with this lifting medium, and as a result, these lifting mediums enjoy extensive use around the world today. Here are some of the associated benefits:

  • Little space required – because they are often wall mounted or pillar mounted, they take up a small amount of space. This is a benefit of wall mounted and column mounted cranes more so than floor mounted cranes, as floor mounted cranes are free standing
  • Reliability – they are simple yet effective pieces of equipment, and because they have very few parts, they are relatively easy to maintain and rarely breakdown/fail. If you want to find out more about how to properly maintain your crane, read this article from Cranes Direct
  • Lifting and lowering ability – the fact that the jib can move means the crane operator can perform lifting and lowering tasks over a wide area within the workplace. Floor mounted models offer the widest range of lifting and lowering options, due to their ability to rotate a full 360°. Some models also allow the movement of a load along the beam, adding to the lifting and lowering ability of the crane itself.
  • Range of models – at Cranes Direct we stock various different models, with safe working loads (SWLs) ranging from 250kg to 5000kg, meaning we are sure we will be able to find something to suit your lifting and lowering needs. Always make sure you do not exceed the SWL of your lifting medium, as this can be detrimental to both the health of the equipment and the warehouse operatives. Please refer to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) for more information about the safe use of lifting equipment

swing jib cranes

As you can see, this equipment comes in more than one style

Our products

Here at cranes direct, we stock a wide range of jib cranes, including our own custom made cranes to suit all your lifting and lowering needs. Our range includes:

  • Wall mounted version – these models are usually considered for lighter lifting of loads up to 500kg, and where there is no space for a floor mounted model or the installation of columns. The fact the crane is wall mounted means that the building needs to be structurally safe and sound, and so specialist consultation may sometimes be required
  • Floor mounted version – also referred to as free standing jib cranes, these cranes are generally used for heavy duty lifting up to 3000kg. Heavy duty bolts are used to secure the crane to the floor, and because they are used for heavy duty lifting, one must ensure that the building’s foundations will be able to withstand the weight of the crane and the load which the crane will be lifting. Because the crane is not wall mounted, there are often a wider range of slewing options with floor mounted models
  • Column or pillar mounted versions – often taking up minimal floor space as they are attached to a column or pillar within the building’s structure, these cranes can lift loads up to 3000kg, perfect for heavy duty lifting where space may be limited.

Speak to our team today

If you want to find out more about jib cranes, or the many other types of lifting mediums we stock, such as mobile gantries, and mobile floor cranes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Here at cranes direct, we can also help with the installation and servicing of your lifting medium, helping to ensure they are always operating to the best of their ability! You can find our contact details here.



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