A-frame mobile gantries have a wealth of benefits over fixed cranes, and are perfect for the non-permanent lifting of heavy loads. Why is this? Find out more below!

What are A-Frame mobile gantries?

Commonly referred to as A-frame lifting gantries, A-frame cranes, mobile A-frame gantries or mobile gantries, these lifting and lowering tools are a great substitute to bigger and permanently fixed crane structures. Unlike permanently fixed crane structures, A-frame gantries are lightweight and not fixed, so can be easily moved around worksites.

A-Frame mobile Gantries

Here’s an example of one large worksite where this equipment may need to be transported around

They generally consist of a horizontal beam, which is responsible for lifting and lowering loads of varying weights, supported by two frames on either side in the shape on an “A”.

Benefits of using this equipment for non-permanent lifting

This equipment is used extensively within the industrial sphere due to its benefits. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Their strength – gantries have the ability to lift loads up to 5000kg, so can handle many different lifting and lowering tasks around a worksite
  • Their portability – the fact gantries are portable means they are ideal for lifting heavy loads all over a worksite. Unlike fixed cranes, they are non-permanent structures and so can be easily moved around, while also taking up less space than fixed cranes
  • Can be stored – they are easy to erect and take down if necessary, meaning they can be put into storage, subsequently creating more space in a worksite. This, coupled with the fact they are light, means they can be transported easily, either around the warehouse, or to a completely different site
  • Ability to become fixed – although perhaps the key benefit of A-frame gantries is their portability, there is the option to bolt them to the floor for extra stability. This can be done by bolting the plated feet of the gantry to the floor, which can be removed easily at any time. Fixing an A-frame gantry can be useful if the equipment is being used in one position for a prolonged period of time
  • No surveying – A-frame gantries do not require surveying in order to determine the building’s stability, as they are not attached to the building like fixed cranes are
  • Ability to apply additional devices – there are a wide array of additional devices that can be applied to gantries to aid the lifting and lowering or loads of varying weights. Such devices include electric hoists, lifting magnets, or chain blocks, all of which can make the lifting and lowering task much easier

When using A-frame gantries, be sure to follow proper practice to ensure your operation is completely safe. Please refer to The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) for more information regarding using lifting equipment safely.

Find out more about our gantry cranes

Here at Cranes Direct, we stock custom manufactured gantries up to 4.5 meters high, and up to 5 meters span. All have the ability to lift loads up to 5000kg, and come with optional extras including catenaries, festoons and knock-out boxes. You can find our A-frame gantry cranes here.

Contact Cranes Direct today

Hopefully this article has taught you everything you need to know about A-frame mobile gantries and how they can be beneficial to lifting operations. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.



Image credit: Tama66

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