While we offer a huge range of cranes here at Cranes Direct, we also offer many cranes accessories too. Below we have laid out some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers on crane accessories.

What exactly are crane accessories?

Although “crane accessories” is the standard term for crane accessories, the word “accessory” can make them sound like add-ons that aren’t necessarily needed. However, cranes accessories are the pieces of lifting equipment that work in conjunction with other pieces of lifting equipment such as cranes to help perform a lifting and lowering task.

What do crane accessories do?

It’s a common misconception that it’s only the cranes that do the heavy lifting and lowering of loads. However, this is not the case. The crane provides the solid support structure, while a crane accessory will be used to complete the actual lifting and lowering tasks themselves.

How many crane accessories are there?

There are hundreds of cranes accessories split between multiple different categories. Here at Cranes Direct, we sell eight different types of lifting accessory, each with multiple varieties in these categories. The eight categories that we stock are:


-          Air hoists

-          Beam trolleys

-          Chain blocks / manual chain hoists

-          Electric hoists

-          Eye bolts / swivel eye bolts

-          Lifting magnets

-          Shackles

-          Web slings

 crane accessories

An example of a crane accessory; a chain sling

For more information on the different types of lifting accessory, please click through on the links above and read about what each of the unique benefits are that are offered.

Do crane accessories follow the same guidelines as cranes themselves?

Yes, cranes accessories are no different to cranes when it comes to rules and regulations. We’ve laid some of these out here:

Inspections and servicing

You must regularly inspect and service all of your cranes accessories, just as you would your cranes. The absolute maximum time you should leave between inspections is 12 months, but the recommend guidelines is to inspect your cranes accessories at least every 6 months.

crane accessories

It’s important to regularly inspect and service cranes accessories

However, as cranes accessories are generally quite small, there is no reason you can’t do an inspection before each lifting operation. We are also happy to help with inspections if you want some expert advice!


As with cranes, cranes accessories are subject to the same rules and regulations. This is primarily the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), and you should make sure you read this thoroughly before commencing any lifting operation.

Safe working loads

All cranes accessories have lifting weight capacities, just as the cranes themselves. They will have a working load limit, which is the absolute maximum that they can safely lift before they break, and a safe working load, which is the limit that you should be sticking to at all times.

How do cranes accessories work?

Cranes are designed to be used with cranes accessories, and so the two are highly compatible and can be fixed together easily. We have cranes accessories that work both manually, electrically and using magnets, so be sure to read up on the descriptions of each of the types of cranes accessories before you make purchases.

What roles do cranes accessories play?

Sometimes you may need to use more than one crane accessory for a lifting operation. Some cranes accessories, such as air hoists, are used to complete lifting and lowering operations. Others, such as lifting magnets, are used to lift sheets of metal magnetically. Furthermore, items such as eye bolts can be used to help create anchor points on loads for lifting what otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have been lifted.

Whatever the need for your operation, cranes accessories can help.

Do cranes accessories have any uses other than for cranes?

Yes! Cranes accessories can be used for many things outside of the lifting industry such as hammocks and mountaineering gear. Just like the cranes themselves, cranes accessories are highly versatile and adaptable pieces of equipment.

Looking for more information on cranes accessories?

If you have more questions about the huge range of cranes accessories that we have on offer here at Cranes Direct, then we would be more than happy to answer your questions. Please get in contact with us here.



Image credits: succo and geralt

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