A jib crane is one of the most powerful pieces of lifting equipment that is available on the market. While it is smaller than some other cranes, such as overhead cranes or tower cranes, it has a number of benefits and uses that other equipment doesn’t.  Below we have detailed some of the main jib crane applications.

 What is a jib crane?

 A jib crane, also known as a swing crane, typically consists of a supporting beam which has a jib arm or boom attached to it. Compatible with a range of lifting accessories, the jib crane can move loads around within a fixed area.

 What are the benefits of a jib crane?

 Jib cranes have multiple benefits, which we’ve listed below:


-          Jib cranes can conduct a large number of lifting and handling operations

-          Jib cranes can be used in conjunction with a larger crane system to help support it

-          They provide the obvious benefit of moving heavy loads from one area to another

-          Jib cranes have extremely accurate alignment, meaning that there will be no unexpected movements while it is being used. This allows for the complete safety of any workers using a jib crane

-          They can be used efficiently in tight areas, something that larger cranes struggle with

How can a jib crane be used?

 Having explained the numerous benefits that jib cranes can offer, it is clear that there are several types of jib cranes on the market, which means that they can be used in several different ways.

 We can supply jib cranes that can move around in a full 360-degree motion, jib cranes that can be wall-mounted so as not to take up any floor space, jib cranes with multiple arms, and jib cranes which can be securely and safely fastened to the floor.

This makes jib cranes useful for many different situations, and so they have become one of the most widely used pieces of lifting equipment on the market today. You will find jib cranes being used in warehouses, industrial settings, dockyards, and within the construction industry.

jib crane applications

You will commonly find jib cranes being used in dockyards

What are some of the jib crane applications?

As with most cranes and pieces of lifting equipment, jib cranes are used to lift and lower load. This could be for moving pieces of construction equipment around a construction site, or for moving items around a dockyard site. Some jib cranes can also be portable, allowing them to be transported around a worksite, or even between multiple worksites. Generally, a jib crane will have a lifting radius of no larger than five meters.


Want to know more about our jib cranes?

If you’re looking for more information on our jib cranes and jib crane applications, you can get in contact with us here.



Image credit: freestocks.org

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