Jib cranes are one of the most common and simplest forms of crane available on the market, consisting of two parts; a column, and a jib arm (also known as the boom). Despite its simplicity, the jib crane is one of the sturdiest and most popular pieces of lifting equipment. Below, we explore 5 benefits associated with the use of a jib crane.

1.    Jib cranes are extremely strong

Regardless of the size of the jib crane, it can lift, suspend, and lower a great deal of tonnage. This strength comes from the fact that they are firmly fixed to a study location; a floor-mounted jib crane is usually in a reinforced concrete block, while wall-mounted jib cranes can safely rely on the strength of the building itself.

2.    A Jib crane is easy to use

A jib crane is simple to operate, and does not require extensive prior knowledge or training. They are also electrically powered, cutting out the need for manual handling of the tasks at hand. These two factors result in increased productivity and efficiency within the workplace.

jib crane

A Jib Crane from Cranes Direct 

3.    Jib cranes have good reliability

A Jib crane, due to its simple design nature, has very few moving parts. The column is fixed, while the jib arm, which rotates around the column, is the only movements that occur. This means that there is little that can break or go wrong with a jib crane, this, in turn, results in added reliability.  

4.       A jib Crane has many benefits

Jib cranes are great at lifting items swiftly and delicately if necessary, and can move loads within the slewing range of the jib arm meaning they have great transitional lifting benefits. Furthermore, jib cranes such as the 360 degree slewing jib crane can operate in a full 360-degree rotation in an area without obstacles which will stop the jib from turning through its full circle of rotation. 

5.    Different Mounting Options

Jib cranes can be mounted in a few different ways, they can be floor mounted which is the standard option and has the greatest lifting capacity, or they can be mounted to a supporting structure like a steel or brick building column, they can also be mounted directly onto a wall, these have the lowest lifting capacity capabilities. 

Interested to hear more about a jib crane from Cranes Direct?

Jib cranes have a wide number of uses for a range of different applications; if you’re after a jib crane, or are perhaps looking for another piece of lifting equipment, please take a look at our contact page here.

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