When you hear the term “lifting equipment”, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the only use for this type of equipment is for lifting loads! However, lifting equipment plays a far more versatile use on a worksite, and some even find uses away from work too!

Our hoisting devices

The hoisting devices that we stock, such as electric hoists, are highly compatible with our cranes  and are used to conduct the actual lifting and lowering tasks themselves. These hoisting devices can lift up to 50,000Kg, so they are extremely versatile when it comes to the varied weights of loads that they can lift.

Our lifting magnets

Our lifting magnets are versatile pieces of lifting equipment too. While these also conduct lifting and lowering tasks, they do these using magnetic forces; allowing a stable and solid connection. These lifting magnets simply provide another way to complete a lifting task, particularly useful in a situation where you may not be able to hook other forms of lifting equipment onto a load.

Our loose tackles

The loose tackles that we stock, such as eye bolts and shackles, are vital and commonly used pieces of lifting equipment that you’ll find on many worksites. They allow for connection points and tying points to be created where there were previously none. For example, shackles are great for connecting two pieces of equipment, such as a hoist and a sling, while eye bolts are good for creating an anchor point on a load that needs to be lifted.

Our beam trollies

Beam trollies are most often utilised with overhead cranes. The beam trolley is fitted onto the beam of an overhead crane, and can run back and forth along the length of this crane, allowing for you to lift in multiple positions throughout your worksite.

Our lifting slings

Lifting slings are some of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment that we stock at Cranes Direct. These pieces of equipment, such as web slings, have many uses.  

They are used for lifting and lowering tasks, as you may expect. The real benefit though is  that they provide an alternative way to lift loads to many other pieces of lifting equipment. They are lightweight and flexible, allowing them to be easily transported and they provide little to no damage or scratching to loads. They can also be easily wrapped around loads with wide bearing surfaces or those that are odd-shaped thanks to the  lifting slings’ flexible nature.

lifting equipment

Did you know you can use lifting gear to create a hammock?

lifting slings are also used by firefighters to save lives in what is called a webbing sling drag, for those who like to mountain hike, and can even be used to construct yourself a nice relaxing hammock too!


How should you best use your lifting equipment?

Want to know how best you can make use of our versatile lifting equipment? If you’re interested in hearing more about what our equipment can do, we would be more than happy to fill you in on the details.



Image credit: Zach Betten

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