Customisable light cranes are easy to use pieces of equipment. And, as their name might suggest, they are light too! With this comes an array of benefits. Want to find out more?

What are light cranes?

Light crane systems are ideal for lifting lighter loads of up to 2000kg in production areas, smaller machine shops or areas where space is limited. In these instances, using traditional larger overhead cranes is often not practical and may not be cost-effective either. These systems provide industrial environments with the same advantages as overhead setups, but are just used for smaller operations where larger loads are not present.

light cranes

These types of systems are often useful for production areas

The benefits and advantages of customisable light cranes

Customisable cranes offer many benefits in the workplace, and as a result continue to grow in popularity. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Their flexible and modular design means they can transport goods at the worksite quickly and safely
  • Their lightweight and compact design means they can be installed in places where space is limited. Furthermore, the reduced weight of the crane puts less pressure on the structural stability on the building in which it is installed
  • Our cranes are extremely flexible with straight and curved sections, meaning loads of up to 2000kg can be transported linearly, or to cover an area
  • They are completely customisable! We can alter the height, bridge length, gantry length,
  • They often have a low running noise, reducing sound pollution
  • The enclosed track system present with all light cranes prevents dirt and debris affecting the track, which can potentially be hazardous for any lifting operation.

Monorail crane

Here you can see the curved track that we can fit to our monorail system

Customisable light cranes are extremely easy-to-use and efficient pieces of equipment which can suit all your lifting and lowering needs. However, with any lifting operation, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of all workers. Be sure to follow The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) before performing any task involving this system.

The type of equipment that we stock

We stock three types; monorail, ceiling mounted and floor mounted. They are all slightly different in their application.

Monorail cranes are extremely easy to customise due to their module system. Although the standard monorail crane is a single line configuration, curved tracks can be added to turn this crane into a closed loop system. With a combination of straight and curved track sections, multiple loads can travel all over the worksite at any given time, meaning monorail cranes are ideal for production lines.

Ceiling mounted light cranes are best suited to areas where space is limited, or there are sufficient foundations, to install a floor mounted crane. These types of cranes are often produced in modular segments, which are light in weight but have the ability to lift heavy loads up to 2000kg.

The floor mounted light crane system comes in five lifting capacities – 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg. These cranes are extremely versatile because the bridge length, maximum height and gantry runway lengths are fully customisable. This means floor mounted light cranes are perfect for lifting loads of varying weight across both large and small working areas.

Would you like to speak with us directly?

We offer the best equipment available on the market today, and with a range of customisations, they have the ability to suit all your lifting needs. We hope the above information has helped you understand a bit more about light cranes, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact us here.



Image credits: Donald Tong

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