Mobile gantry cranes are famous for their lightweight, portable nature. While they don’t have as high a lifting strength as some of the other crane products that we stock, they were designed with a range of other benefits in mind. Want to find out more about mobile gantry cranes? Read on below for more information, as well as mobile gantry crane applications and uses for this handy piece of lifting equipment.

What is a mobile gantry crane?

The name tells you everything that you need to know; this is a small gantry crane that is mobile. While some gantry cranes are large, such as overhead cranes, and some gantry cranes are stationary, mobile gantry cranes can be moved in two ways.

Firstly, they have wheels attached to the bottom, meaning they can easily be pushed around a worksite however not whilst under load. Secondly, as with normal gantry cranes, they are detachable, meaning you can disassemble them for easy portability and storage.

What are the mobile gantry crane applications and uses?

A flexible design means a flexible nature! Below are just some of the many mobile gantry crane applications and uses.

Uses on a construction site

The construction industry is one of the most common industries in the world to use cranes and other types of lifting equipment. A construction site will often see towering scaffolding sets and scaffolding hoists to match, but this isn’t always possible.

mobile gantry crane applications

You’ll see gantry cranes in the construction industry

Mobile gantry cranes are often used as a great alternative when scaffolding can’t be present, or even just to compliment a scaffolding system.

Uses on worksites such as warehouses

Places like warehouses, which often have a need for multiple lifting tasks spread all over the worksite, make great use of the mobility of gantry cranes. If you don’t want to have your crane confined to one location and need to move it around often, then a mobile gantry crane could be the answer for you.

Aluminium mobile gantry cranes

Alongside our range of mobile gantry cranes constructed from steel, we also offer a range that is manufactured from aluminium. Aluminium is a much lighter metal than steel, which means it has a lower lifting load, with these cranes being able to lift up to 2000Kg.

However, aluminium is well known for is higher level of resistance to things such as corrosion, meaning this type of crane is perfect for outdoor applications where rain and moisture may be present

Finally, aluminium mobile gantry cranes have adjustable heights too, further adding to the level of manoeuvrability that they can offer your business. This flexibility does mean they come with a lower lifting strength, but you’ll still find that this piece of equipment can handle loads that weigh up to 2000Kg.

Find out more about our range of cranes today

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