Overhead crane systems are fully customisable cranes that come in a range of shapes and sizes. At Cranes Direct, we stock overhead cranes from a number of top suppliers, and we also manufacture our own. Please read on below to find out more about this product.

What are overhead crane systems?

Overhead cranes, also known as industrial cranes or overhead travelling cranes, are lifting mediums that are commonly found in industrial environments worldwide. This lifting medium consists of parallel runways connected by a bridge in which a hoist is suspended from. The ability of the bridge to move horizontally along the runways, as well as the hoist to move horizontally along the bridge, means lifting and lowering operations can be carried out over a wide area within the warehouse.

This multi-directional movement is extremely useful within the industrial sphere, and as a result this piece of equipment has various uses, including supporting manufacturing, storage, and loading or unloading materials.

Our overhead cranes - Our Products - Overhead Crane Systems

Here you can see several of our overhead cranes

How can overhead crane systems be beneficial to lifting operations?

Overhead cranes can be extremely beneficial for warehouse operations, bringing a range of benefits to lifting and lowering tasks. Some of these benefits include:

  • Faster operation – they can move loads horizontally and vertically, side to side and back and forwards, meaning loads can be transported quickly
  • Reduced expenses – one overhead crane can replace a number of forklifts or mobile gantries, helping to reduce expenses
  • Increased safety – these cranes have increased safety as they are installed close to the ceiling and are therefore out of reach. This is safer than using forklifts or A frame gantries, where the chances of collisions with workers, other machinery, or the building itself, are greater. For more information on how to make your lifting operations as safe as possible, read the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Heavy duty lifting – they have the ability to lift extremely heavy loads of up to 50 tonnes, meaning this lifting medium is useful for those heavy duty tasks
  • Increased positioning – this lifting medium is extremely precise and can therefore place loads exactly where they are wanted, with much more precision than other lifting mediums
  • Ability to stack – because this equipment can lift loads vertically, vertical storage is possible, helping to create more space
  • Avoid floor obstructions – little floor space is taken up by overhead cranes as they are positioned close to the ceiling, meaning floor obstructions can be avoided

overhead crane systems

These are some of the strongest cranes that we stock

Our range

Here at Cranes Direct, we manufacture our own overhead crane systems to meet your specific lifting and lowering needs, as well as sourcing overhead crane systems from trusted suppliers. The products we can supply include:

  • Single girder cranes – this lifting medium is often used in machine shops, warehouses and steel stockholders, with safe working loads (SWLs) of up to 5000kg and working spans up to 15 meters. A single bridge beam is attached to two runways and end trucks, with the bridge beam supporting the hoist. Because these overhead cranes are often lighter, they can be fitted to existing framework, and so alterations to the workplace are often minimal. A range of hoisting and travel speeds are available, and with the ability to choose electric, chain or wire rope hoists, there is something to suit all applications.
  • Double girder cranes – typically suited to heavy duty lifting as well as lifting applications that require a wider span, this lifting medium is extremely durable, using wire ropes with high tensile strengths. Together with machine rope drums and rope guides, double girder cranes ensure perfect and precise lifting. Consisting of two bridge beams which are set atop the runway end trucks, these cranes have safe working loads of up to 50 tonnes, and are therefore suited for those heavy duty tasks. We can fit a number of crane accessories, such as second/auxiliary hoists, which can be useful for lifting long items.
  • Light crane systems – these systems are suited for those lighter lifting tasks, with SWLs up to 2000kg. The fact these systems are lighter means they can be fitted to existing steel work, much like our single girder cranes, meaning the alterations to the workplace are minimal. Fitted with electric hoists, most of our light crane systems are push/pull travel operated. However, for those tasks in which manual lifting is not possible, a power drive can be fitted. The main rolling system within the crane is bolted together, meaning the crane is easy to install and take apart for servicing and maintenance. Our team can help with crane installation, maintenance and servicing; these are services we offer to ensure your equipment is installed correctly, and is operating to the best of its ability.
  • Under slung cranes – these attach to the crane rails, which use the existing building structure for support. Because this crane is within close proximity to the ceiling, it provides the best possible hook path and the maximum ceiling height available. With SWLs up to 25 tonnes, they can be fitted with either electric chain hoists or wire rope hoists, and so can be adapted to suit your needs.

In order to find out more about our extensive range of overhead crane systems, please click here.

Contact us

Cranes Direct are a UK based crane supplier situated near Birmingham. We stock many different types of cranes, and will therefore be able to find a lifting medium to suit your lifting and lowering needs. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact our team, who are always available to answer any questions you many have. You can find our contact details here.





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