It is important that you maintain strict and thorough safety and security checks before using any piece of equipment, whether you are in a warehouse, on a construction site or aboard a boat. This is particularly important when it comes to lifting equipment, given that these pieces of equipment will be lifting large and heavy loads that could cause serious harm to you or the object should they not be handled in the right way. Each piece of lifting equipment works in its own way, and so requires its own set of pre-use checks. Below we have explained the pre-use checks that should be carried out for a mobile gantry crane.

mobile gantry crane

It is important that a qualified person carries out the pre-use checks for a mobile gantry crane

What is a mobile gantry crane?

A mobile gantry crane is a lightweight crane that can be easily transported around a worksite thanks to wheels that are attached to the bottom of its frame. They can also be dismantled and folded easily, meaning that they can be moved between multiple worksites.

We stock two types of mobile gantries, in fixed steel and adjustable aluminium, both with their own differing set of qualities and have safe working loads of up to 5000Kg and 2000Kg respectively.

Aluminium mobile gantry cranes have the benefit of being light in nature, unlike many other cranes, and can be moved whilst under load in specific circumstances. Mobile gantry cranes are typically the crane of choice when it comes to needing an easy-to-use and movable alternative that still has a good lifting ability.

How often should you carry out checks on your mobile gantry crane?

As mentioned previously, it is important to thoroughly check all equipment before use, and this falls in line with rules and regulations laid out by the government, titled Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment, which is used in conjunction with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). These rules state that lifting equipment and lifting accessories must be inspected at least once every six months, but you should also take into account how frequently you’ll be using your mobile gantry crane. You should also consider how quickly your mobile gantry crane is likely to deteriorate.

We recommend checking your mobile gantry crane more regularly than this, ideally before each and every use, but if not, at least monthly. You must also ensure that proper planning is carried out for lifting operations prior to the use of your mobile gantry crane, and this must be done by a competent and qualified person.

These checks should involve looking for any deterioration in the quality of your mobile gantry crane. This may involve something like the rusting of your crane, which will be quickened should the crane get wet. However, our aluminium mobile gantry cranes have a stronger resistance to rust.


What pre-use checks should you conduct on your mobile lifting gantry?

There will also be checks that you’ll need to carry out before each use of your mobile gantry crane. If you have deconstructed and reassembled your mobile gantry crane, you’ll need to ensure that it has been securely reinstalled so as to be able to lift your required load securely.

If you are lifting a new load with your mobile gantry crane, then ensure that its weight does not exceed the safe working load limit of your piece of lifting equipment, as this can cause damage to the crane, yourself, and the object that you are lifting. Also, be sure to check the surface that your mobile gantry crane will be working on. As they have wheels attached, the crane will not be secured properly should it be working on a surface such as gravel.

mobile gantry crane

Carefully check what surface your mobile gantry crane will be operating on, as the wheels won’t work well on some surfaces such as the above!

Want to know more about mobile gantries?

If you have any more questions about how to safely use a mobile gantry crane, then please get in contact with one of our team here.


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