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 Aluminium Lifting gantry cranes / Portable Gantry Cranes

Aluminium lifting gantry cranes from Cranes Direct differ greatly from our steel mobile gantries. This is due to the fact that they are light they adjust in height and are foldable.

These portable gantry cranes may be moved whilst under load ONLY in certain circumstances (see below for more details).  Cranes Direct can offer a range of quality aluminium gantry cranes. Our standard and most commonly used range having working load limits from 250kg up to 2000kg.

The brand new Rapide aluminium gantry is now available from Cranes Direct. The Rapide has even more benefits than a standard aluminium lifting gantry. First of all it is a much more compact folding system. The Rapide gantry can be handled by one person and comes with working load capacities up to 500kg. Additional benefits of dual rating enable it to be used to lift personnel. Furthermore some fall arrest situations can be dealt with using an aluminium gantry.

You can find more details about our portable gantry cranes on their individual product pages. You can find the links on this page or here – aluminium gantry craneRapide portable gantry.

The Uses of an Aluminium Lifting Gantry

Aluminium gantry cranes  have many uses in industrial and commercial sectors. Because they are not permanently fitted they can be a very cost effective alternative to a fitted overhead crane. Yet they can be more costly than a standard steel gantry.

Portable gantries are manufactured in aluminium. Because aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore suitable for use in clean and/or refrigerated environments.

HVAC industries (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) regularly use aluminium gantry cranes for HVAC applications. Additionally they’re also commonly used in cemeteries for the removal of head stones and other more remote and difficult locations.

Other uses often include such things as animal rescue operations where a lifting frame maybe necessary. These mobile gantries are ideal for placement and retrieval of objects in low recessed or crevassed areas. Places such as man holes and canal locks because the gantry can span the hole/crevasse.

Other areas for use also include stately homes and castles. They maybe used for lifting and moving large ornamental statues etc. In fact portable aluminium gantry systems are used in numerous, locations for various lifting purposes. Sometimes they are used for quite off the wall lifting operations.

Portable gantry cranes are ideal when frequent assembly and disassembly is necessary. This may be to store out of the way where space is limited or for transportation to other locations.

Aluminium Gantry Crane Benefits

There are a few key benefits to using an aluminium lifting gantry crane. They are light in weight yet offer a strong and robust lifting framework.  Because they can be folded up, they are easy to transport which makes them ideal for site work.

They are easy to assemble in just a few simple steps ready for work. They are just as easy to dismantle again ready for transportation to the next job. Because they have castors they are easy to move around the location where they are used. They also come with its own push travel trolley. This enables easy attachment of lifting slings and other lifting equipment.  The trolley also enables the movement of the load along the top beam.

Another excellent benefit of these cranes is that they are made from high quality aluminium. Aluminium possesses excellent weather and corrosion resistance. There is no need to worry about rust on an aluminium gantry. This feature means that they are perfect for outdoor lifting applications.

Unlike standard steel mobile gantries, the aluminium gantry can be adjusted in height at small spaced increments. This makes the gantry even more versatile, suiting a wider range of lifting operations.


Aluminium gantries are easy to maintain. Checks should be carried out prior to each use ensuring all parts are sound and pins/bolts etc. are securely located. Periodic inspections should be undertaken to check for damaged parts. Look out for cracks, corrosion, dents, bent parts, missing parts, and wheel locks engage securely.

It is wise to keep your portable gantry cranes clean and periodically lubricate the castors. Cleaning an aluminium lifting gantry is as easy as washing a car. A bucket of soapy water and a brush or sponge will do the trick.

Moving under load

Cranes Direct always recommend that any portable lifting gantry should NOT be moved whilst it is holding a load. However in some circumstances it is possible to use an aluminium gantry crane to move a load. Moving the gantry whilst loaded should ONLY be done if the ground/surface of travel is level. The distance of travel should be minimal.

Furthermore there should be at least two people to move a loaded gantry. More if possible, as many hands make light work! This will ensure the gantry remains stable and the load does not swing. You should avoid excessive swinging of the load as this could topple the framework.

Peruse the aluminium lifting gantries for sale to see which option would best suit your lifting requirements. If you have any questions or just need a straight forward quotation then please contact us.

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