Ceiling Mounted Light Cranes

Customizable, ceiling mounted light cranes are perfect for where floor space is limited. Cranes Direct can supply, install and carry out yearly inspections.



Ceiling Mounted Light Cranes

It is often the case that that factories or workshops simply do not have the necessary space or sufficient foundations to install a typical floor mounted crane system. In these scenarios a ceiling mounted light cranes system should be considered.

Your building structure will need to be assessed to ensure that it is structurally sound and capable of withstanding the imposed forces intended with the ceiling mounted light crane.

Our range of ceiling mounted light cranes is produced in modular segments with the Ceiling Mounted light crane enclosed track profiles being light in weight yet having high strength properties. The track’s running profile incorporates standoff reinforcements to enable much larger spans.


There are a wide range of support brackets options to choose from in order to cover most types of building constructions and supporting steel work, though special sway bracing is usually recommended as well for ceiling mounted light cranes.

Ceiling Mounted light cranes brackrts

So considering the above, our ceiling mounted light crane systems can usually be customised in order to work with your building structure, large, small, old or new. Available with safe working loads up to 2000kg, bridge lengths possibly up to 10m and virtually unlimited gantry lengths.

Types of ceiling mounted light cranes hanger assemblies

We offer a choice of ceiling mount, hanger assemblies which may be flush mounted or dropped type hanger styles; wrap around or double saddle clamp arrangements are also options.

Ceiling Mounted light cranes

There are two types of flush mounted hanger mounting brackets, one is suitable for use on a plain profile gantry and the other is for a trussed profile gantry, both can be used in a parallel of perpendicular orientation.

The drop rod mounts can be used for plain or trussed gantries and in parallel orCeiling Mount light crane drop rod hanger perpendicular/ 90 degree angle in 500mm or 1800mm sizes.

Sway bracing is always recommended for all ceiling mounted cranes unless it is mounted completely flush to the steel structure. The sway bracing kits anchor back to the building structure to prevent unwanted side movement of the gantry framework and therefore keep the crane both stable and safe. Lateral and/or longitudinal bracing may be used depending on the crane itself. Lateral bracing is placed at 90 degrees to the direction of the gantry frame and longitudinal bracing is in line with the gantry frame. These ceiling mounted light cranes may need either or both depending on the circumstances, crane design, building structure and its intended use will all be taken into consideration.

Ceiling Mount light crane sway bracing

The gantry frame and the bridge profiles can be either plain or trussed, with the trussed profile version being able to take heavier loads.

As with the floor mounted light crane system, these light cranes come with many features; the trolley system enables easy suspension of lifting hoists and runs smoothly along the inside of the closed profile track which keeps it clean and debris free. Festoon arrangements are ideal for the safe handling of power cables if an electric hoist is used for example. End carriages create the gantry and bridge connection, whilst the rubber bumper end stops absorb impacts whilst stopping equipment from accidentally exiting the track. Splicing kits help to align the upper section of a trussed gantry frame for easier and more precise joining.

Various track options are available from switches and entry/exit sections to curves and turntables; contact us if you require more details on these.

The bridge of a ceiling mounted light crane system is available with various configurations to better suit your type of operation. If you have more than one bridge, some intermediate stop can be added to isolate each bridge to its own area of track. Bridge buffers can also be used in a similar way; the buffer is suspended to the gantry frame from two trolleys, they enable the distance between two bridges to remain at a pre-determined distance apart.

These light crane systems are fairly simple to install, maintain and extend/ add to in the future if you need to; this makes them a good cost effective investment. They will need thoroughly inspecting by a qualified person at least every year, with regular checks in-between by a competent person to ensure there are no imminent problems such as loose bolts etc.

Cranes Direct have qualified engineers who can install and inspect your light crane system to suit you, call our team to arrange a site visit to measure up and discuss your crane requirements. 01384 76961

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