Chain Block / Manual Chain Hoist

Chain blocks or manual chain hoists  can provide a perfect hoisting solution with your crane.



A chain block may also be referred to as a manual chain hoist or block & tackle, and provide a simple hoisting solution on mobile lifting gantry’s and Jib cranes. A Chain block enables heavy loads to be lifted and lowered with precision, they are easy to transport from one place to another, are cost efficient and particularly useful where there is no electricity supply so an electric hoist can’t be used, and also where using electricity may be hazardous. The versatility of the chain block allows it to be utilised in many areas, commonly in workshops, factories and many industrial areas.

Using a Chain Block

A chain block has a suspension hook at the top, this is used to fix the hoist to a suitable anchor point, this is commonly a beam trolley on a mobile gantry system or a Jib crane, but it could be just a sling hung round a beam, providing the structure must be capable of taking the weight and strain of the load. Once the chain block is securely and safely attached then the load to be lifted may be attached to the bottom hook on the end of the chain, when securely attached the operator can begin to pull down on one side of the chain on the manual chain hoist, this should be carried out slowly at first to allow you to check the stability of the load once it is lifted clear of the ground; (an unstable and/or swinging load can cause severe injuries). The chain rotates around two gears inside the housing; this multiplies the force caused by the gear ratio to lift the load.

Some Key Features

Most manual chain hoists possess a braking system to hold the load securely and may also have an overload prevention device for extra safety. The most common chain block has 2 falls of chain to lift and lower the load, this is the lightest to use, however chain blocks are available with different falls of chain, i.e. 4, 8 or 12; they work exactly the same but the extra falls of chain enable the hoist to lift much heavier loads due to extra gears & ratios; however, they lift at a much slower pace as there is more chain to be pulled through more gears.

What we can supply

Cranes Direct can supply heavy duty chain blocks in a variety of models, with various lifting capacities up to a huge 50 tonne. Our chain blocks are rated as heavy duty and are made with quality components for ensuring reliability, safety and longevity; they are available with optional extras to aid their versatility; any length of chain for those longer/higher lifts and chain buckets/bags allow any excess chain to be held out of the way providing protection to the chain from damage and also to help prevent accidents from loose hanging chain.

Take a look at the technical data tab for full specifications on the chain blocks that we offer.



Safe use of Hand Chain Blocks

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