Column & Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Wall mounted or column mounted jib crane
Takes up NO floor space
Minimal disruption during installation
Ideal where space is limited


Limited floor space? We have the solution

Welcome to our wall mounted jib cranes page. Cranes Direct can manufacture and supply jib cranes that can be column or wall mounted direct to you. These cranes provide a great alternative if you would you like a Jib crane in your factory, workshop or warehouse but simply don’t have the floor space.

Where can Jib Cranes be mounted?

Jib cranes which can be mounted to an existing structure within your workplace can be supplied. The structures are usually a brick or concrete column or a steel pillar, and they may also be mounted directly onto a wall. Furthermore because existing structures can  be used, money can often be saved.

It is often necessary in the case of brick and/or concrete columns and walls to get them inspected by a professional. A qualified engineer will determine whether they are structurally sound and capable of the load bearing they will endure if used with a column mounted jib crane or wall mounted jib crane and the loads they are likely to lift.

Our Speciality - wall mounted jib cranes

Cranes Direct specialise in the smaller lifting capacity options. Because they are smaller they are consequently more cost effective  offering a cheaper solution to your lifting needs. There is a muck quicker manufacture to installation times than the larger models.

We can bespoke manufacture wall mounted jib cranes which are available with both under and over bracing in lifting capacities up to 500kg. Due to the fact that we manufacture to order, the result will be to your own specifications.

These cranes can be manufactured with any span up to 4 metres. They will typically have a slewing range typically of 180 degrees. Anything up to 270 degrees can be achieved depending on the wall layout where the jib is positioned.

Column mounted jib cranes

Our speciality column mounted jib cranes cater for larger loads with lifting capacities up to 3000kg . Spans up to 5 metres can be produced with a typical slewing range of 270 degrees. It is possible to limit the range with the introduction of slew stops.

Other Alternatives;

The wall mounted jib cranes and column mounted jib crane systems we provide are available in a wide range of lifting capacities. The wall mounted jib crane variety is usually  capable of lifting lighter loads than the column mounted jib crane type. This will largely depend on structural stability.

We can supply wall and column mounted jib cranes with lifting capacities up to 10000kg. Spans up to 15 metres may be available. These may be under-braced or over-braced and can have a manual or powered slewing option.

We can also supply these jib cranes with slewing ranges from the standard 180 degrees on wall mounted jib crane models up to 360 degrees on specific column mounted models.

Column mounted Jib cranes with two jib arms are also available with a variety of jib arrangements to further enhance efficiency. This can be especially beneficial where a combination of lifting sequences occur at the same time within the same area.

Safe and reliable;

All of the wall and column mounted jib cranes that we supply comply with all the necessary regulations. They are clearly marked and come with full documentation/certification for your records.

Remember the safety and stability of a wall or column mounted jib crane depends on its supporting structure. Where buildings existing structures are utilized, it is essential that they are assessed by a professional. This is to ensure the superimposed forces can be taken without any safety implications.

Optional Extras:

Cranes Direct can provide many extras for further enhancing your jib cranes efficiency and safety. The extra options include; powered slewing; festoon systems; catenaries and isolators. We can also supply other additional lifting equipment to compliment your crane. Our range including chain blocks, electric hoists, manual or powered trolley systems and lifting slings.

Don't forget we can also carry out installations, inspections, servicing and repairs on all wall mounted jib cranes and any other type of jib crane. Check out our services page for more information.

For all enquiries on our wall or column mounted jib cranes you can either give us a call on 01384 76961 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can fill out our rapid enquiry form for a quick response from a member of our experienced team.

Servicing, Inspecting and Maintenance Tips

Cranes Direct offers complete testing and inspection services for all your lifting equipment. This should be carried out on a 6-12 month basis.

Meanwhile here are some guidelines which will help to self-inspect your column or wall mounted Jib cranes in between your regular contracted servicing.

jib crane check points

A visual check should be done prior to each use to check for defects which may affect the safety of the jib crane. We have also listed the main points for using your jib crane safely.

  • You should regularly inspect the jib crane for; ANY DAMAGE; CRACKED OR DISTORTED WELDS; STRUCTURAL DEFECTS; MISSING OR LOOSE BOLTS; MISSING OR DAMAGED END STOPS; DIFFICULTY IN MOVING THE BEAM TROLLEY OR SLEWING THE JIB ARM; THE TROLLEY OR JIB ARM MOVE ON THEIR OWN;   If any of these are detected or suspected then you should not use the crane until it has been thoroughly examined by a trained professional.
  • You should lubricate the pivoting points on a regular basis
  • If the slewing action is obtained by manual gears or power drive they should be kept in good order and well lubricated.
  • All bolts and fixings should be frequently checked, and re-tightened if necessary.
  • Always check that the running surface is clean and clear of debris
  • Maintenance can be carried out at the same time as the additional lifting appliances used.


Safety Tips for Using Your Jib Cranes

  • When not in use, position the arm out of the way, so they do not present a hazard, it may be necessary to secure the arm to prevent unwanted movement, such as may occur in high winds etc.
  • Prior to moving the Jib arm, whether loaded or not, make sure you have a clear, unobstructed view of its travel path to ensure there will be no mishaps/crashes during manoeuvres.
  • Do not swing the arm, loaded or not; you should slowly push and/or pull to where required. If loaded, a rapidly slewing arm can cause the load to swing out, and so effectively increasing the radius which may not have been taken into account initially, this is dangerous and could cause injury to people or damage to objects in its path.
  • If you allow the trolley to crash into the end stops a similar thing happens; this will cause the load to whip outwards, and cause the same type of problem as before. Both actions also apply greater forces on the structure and mechanisms which could also have serious consequences.
  • Positioning the arm is important; it must be directly over the centre of gravity to ensure good stability.
  • Lift loads slowly to assess stability so that adjustments can be made if necessary. (test lift)
  • Lift AND lower loads gently to avoid potentially serious shock loading and whipping of the jibs arm.
  • Never allow persons to walk under a loaded Jib crane.
  • Do not drag loads along the floor.
  • Never rest anything against the arm, such as a ladder; or climb on it.



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