Double Arm Jib Crane

Two jib arms
simultaneous lifting operations
2 different SWL options
Cost and space saving.




Double Arm Jib Cranes

Did you know that there is a double arm jib crane? They are based on a standard floor  mounted post jib crane but incorporate two slewing booms / jib arms for multiple lifting tasks. They are fairly new types of Jib cranes and not as widely seen, yet!

Ask yourself - have you ever had the need to lift and move two different loads at once, or handle them in a different way, all within the same area. If the answer is yes but you simply do not have the room and/or funds for a second crane? Cranes Direct can help!

Double Arm Jib Crane Benefits

A floor mounted post jib crane can have two jib arms mounted to one post. This can have some great benefits. A double arm jib crane can save on precious floor space that you would lose if you had to install 2 independent jib cranes. One of the major benefits will be the cheaper price due to the fact that there is just 1 post/pillar but 2 jib arms. So in essence it will cost more than a standard jib crane but less than 2 standard jib cranes.

Apart from the space and cost benefits of a two arm jib crane there are also other advantages to using a double arm jib crane.

Each arm can rotate or slew independently of each other and so can cover a much larger area slewing up to 360 degrees.

It is possible to have the jib arms made with different lifting capacities. For example one could have a 125kg safe working load and the other arm a 500kg SWL. Once again this can impact on the overall cost. This is because lower safe working loads are typically cheaper than larger ones. A range of arm lengths are also available giving you even more options as one arm could have a longer reach than the other.

Customise your 2 Arm Jib Crane

You can tailor your twin arm jib crane to suit the type of loads you will be lifting and handling. Not only can you choose the length and capacity but also by choosing different lifting accessories on each arm.  As an example you could have a beam trolley and electric hoist on one arm and a beam clamp and chain block on the other. Due to the huge array of lifting equipment that can be used with these double arm jib cranes the variations are huge and give you fantastic versatility.

Of course one of the biggest and best advantages to a 2 arm jib crane is that you are able to lift and move two loads at the same time within their reach radius. As an example, one arm could be used for unloading pallets in one area whilst the second jib arm is placing loads onto a conveyor belt, the possibilities are endless.

Optional Extras

As with all our jib cranes there are a number of extra additions to further enhance your jib crane, these are:

Festoon system


Leather suspenders

Knockout Box

Isolator switches

Cranes Direct can also supply your Lifting Accessories  including Beam attachments & Hoisting Devices, as well as smaller loose lifting tackle like slings and shackles.

We have our own team of engineers who can install your double arm jib crane and any lifting equipment you may choose. Servicing, thorough inspections and repairs are can also be undertaken by our qualified team. Cranes Direct aim to please and can accommodate all your crane requirements.

Call our team if you are interested in a double arm jib crane or fill in a rapid enquiry form.

Storing and Handling your Jib Crane:

When the double arm Jib crane needed the arms need to be positioned so as never to create a hazard to people or goods within the region. It may be necessary to secure the jib arms to avoid movement the result of winds etc.

If your jib crane is not used frequently it is best to remove the lifting device for individual storage, if this isn't an option then it needs to be parked where it is not going to produce a hazard.

Service and Maintenance

As with all lifting equipment it is essential to frequently examine the double arm Jib crane for defects, especially prior to each use. This will ensure that the lift will be carried out as safely as possible. If any defects are found, or you are uncertain regarding any aspect of the jib crane, it is imperative to refer the jib crane to a competent person for an intensive examination.

Look out for:

  • Any damage
  • Distorted or cracked welds
  • Structural flaws
  • Movable or absent bolts
  • Damaged or absent runway end stops
  • Trouble in manoeuvring the trolley
  • Trolley moves on its own
  • Difficulty in slewing the jib arms
  • Jib arms move on their own or any other evident or suspected problems or operational difficulties.

Regular Maintenance Tips

  • The maintenance requirements can be combined with the ones from the lifting device.
  • Lubricate the pivot points plus bearings frequently
  • Where the slewing action is provided by manual gears or a powered drive, the gear wheels and drives need to be kept in excellent order and well lubricated.
  • Bolts and fixings must be frequently checked to make sure they are firm, also wherever needed must be re-tightened.
  • The running surface of the track needs to be clean and free of debris.

Remember we offer a complete range of Crane services.


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