Floor Mounted Light Crane System

SWL up to 2000kg – Modular design for customisation – Maximum 6.3m high and unlimited gantry runway length



Floor Mounted Light Crane

This is the floor mounted light crane system and is available in 5 lifting capacities. 125kg,light crane measuring 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg & 2000kg. With bridge lengths in any size up to 10 meters, maximum heights up to 6.3 metres and virtually unlimited gantry runway lengths these floor mounted light cranes are very versatile for many types of building structures. What’s more, the maximum span allowed between the gantry supports can be up to as much as 9 metres.  Perfect for overhead handling of many types of loads across large or small working areas, the choice is yours.

Design & Installation

Because these cranes have been designed in separate modules it is very easy to customise the crane to perfectly fit your needs. The steel track is of a closed profile design in 5 standard profiles, with some having stainless steel options. Both straight and curved profiles in various lengths are available.

Due to this floor mounted light crane system being modular, the crane is fairly simple to erect, it is also easy to take down and re-erect elsewhere if required. Another excellent benefit of these light cranes is that they are easy to add to if expansion is needed, by simply adding more supports, and runway sections, extra bridges can be added too depending on the SWL of the crane.

Floor mounted light crane systems can be mounted onto a standard 150mm reinforced concrete floor, it is your responsibility to ensure the stability and capability or the floor, a qualified person may need to inspect it to be absolutely sure.

Main Components of the Floor Mounted Light Crane

There are many key elements to ensure the best operational functions of these cranes and are fairly standard options, though you may not require them all.
light crane components
The end carriage facilitates a seamless connection between the gantry runway and bridge; whilst a ‘crab action’ is averted due to the side guidance wheels. The end stops are a standard feature on all cranes and are there to stop things sliding off the track; they incorporate a rubber cover to help to absorb any light crane hoist trolleyimpact. End clamps are fitted to the end of the bridge and with a festoon extension system, the festoon extension can be fitted to a gantry track to enable safe storage for electrical cabling. The Festoon Trolley carries the power cables to the moving bridge or hoist. The Hoist Trolley works perfectly with our closed profile system and enables the easy anchoring of a hoisting device to the bridge. Splice kits connect the top of the gantry frame and aligns track portions for precision.

Additional Light Crane Enhancements.

Typically, festoon systems are used on cranes where powered lifting equipment is used; festoons hold the power cable in a looped manner and this is not always practical though deemed necessary for safety. With our floor mounted light crane system we can add special conductor bar system in place of a festoon, this enclosed bar is simple to attach with no negative restrictions to the cranes operation. The bar possesses copper conductors, continuously down its length to carry the power to the bridge and subsequently hoisting device. This conductor system is recommended for cranes with multiple bridges and long runway cranes as it removes the hanging cables and the need for a space encroaching festoon system which can affect the travelling span of the bridge.

light crane conductor

Bridge Configurations

It is possible to use multiple bridges on a floor mounted light crane, and these can be different capacities as long as the maximum safe working load of the gantry frame is not exceeded. For example, 2 bridges with SWL’s of 250kg can be used on a 500kg gantry frame; or a 500kg bridge and a 250kg bridge would need a 1000kg gantry frame.

Intermediate stops can be added to keep each bridge operating in separate areas, this can often mean that a higher capacity frame in not necessary.  Bridge buffers are also available; these can be used to set a minimum distance in which the bridges can operate from each other.

  Track Options

We can provide a range of track options to help to facilitate the more non-standard crane operations, these include entry/exit sections to enable trolley fitting; door swivel sections for where the runway is interrupted by a door which needs to be closed at times; Switched sections  to close off one un-used track at an intersection.   Turntables can provide a connection between up to four track sections

Need Help with planning your light crane? Give us a call, we can usually arrange a site visit to measure up and plan for your specific needs.




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