Monorail Cranes

Customisable light monorail cranes with curved track and turntable options & more.



Monorail cranes

These crane systems are the monorail cranes type, they can be floor or ceiling mounted if required.

The light monorail cranes are very easy to customise due to the modular system, as used on our other light crane systems. Single line configurations are the standard monorail, but with the addition of curved track, switches and turntables the light crane system can easily be turned into a closed loop system.

By using a combination of straight and curved track sections and possibly a turntable you are able to transport loads to different areas around the working area, often with multiple loads travelling at the same time. These configurations are ideal for production lines.

Curved track on Monorail Cranesmonorail cranes curves

We can offer a good choice of curved track sections in various radii, our standard curves include 45, 90 & 180 degree curves which can be connected to straight tracking in any way you need, enabling total versatility to the layout of your floor mounted monorail crane.


monorail cranes turntableTurntables

Adding a turntable to your monorail crane system can greatly enhance functionality. The standard, single track turntable can provide up to 4 connection points though more can be added if needed. Turntables enable more than one crane system to be connected. These turntables rotate easily on their precision ball bearings and can be configured for 45 or 60 degree turns. A range of control mechanisms are available. Mechanically operated turntables are ideal for occasional and moderate workflows. Pneumatic operation is available for 90 & 180 degree rotations.

Switchesmonorail cranes switches

Track switches can offer the benefit of branching off one track onto another, straight and/or curved. They consist of a pivoting track monorail switch controlssection which is easy to operate manually with either a standard manual operating lever or a double chain actuator.


We have a range of other switch types to offer which include self actuating, automated switches, pressure spring switches and switches for turntables. The switched sections incorporate mechanical stops in order to close the unused track section. Switches may also be assisted by power for easier operation, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power assisting switches are an option.



monorail cranes entry

Entry – Exit Sections

These special track sections enable easy removal or attachment of trolleys for the anchoring and travelling of hoisting equipment. The pivotal type track section consists of stops to close off the open end; these sections are ideal for closed loop monorail systems.



Door swivel sectionsmonorail cranes swivel door section

If your work space consists of an internal door between two areas then a swivel door section could be ideal. The track can be swivelled out of the way if the door needs to be closed, but if the door can remain open then the section can be swivelled back into place to join two tracks. This system enables one crane to operate in two separate areas.


We have various trolley systems for our light cranes; the 2 wheeled trolley’s work well with straight tracked cranes whilst 4 wheeled trolley’s can run smoother and improves location precision. To help with the movement of larger load around curves and through areas with switched sections two trolley load carriers are recommended. This method also distributes the suspension trolley load, and so can up the trolleys capacity rating.

trolley load carriers

The trolleys have various load anchor points, including hook, swivel eye, swivel screw and rotating ring.

If you think one of our monorail cranes could work for you, then give our team a call or drop us an email. We can usually arrange site visits to discuss your exact requirements to ensure you get the right equipment for your operation.

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