The majority of the cranes that we supply here at Cranes Direct are small in size and structure, and are used for smaller lifting tasks. While you may find them used in industrial settings, the actually cranes themselves are generally floor mounted and don’t need to be worked with at height although fall protection equipment is always advisable.

However, our crane accessories are fully compatible with more industrial cranes, ones that you see being used that require workers operating at height. Alongside this, the government defines working at height as any height where a worker can fall and cause harm to themselves; therefore this could even mean a small ladder with only a few rungs.

Given that there is a chance that your workers will be operating at some kind of height in many industrial settings, below we have laid out how you can help to provide them fall protection.

fall protection

You need the right equipment if you plan on working in environments where you may fall!


Why it’s so crucial to think about fall protection

Over one million people are injured each year at their place of work, and many of these come from falling from heights. Even working at just 2 metres up from the ground can be considered as working from height, but industrial crane settings will typically require workers to be many, many metres up in the air; sometimes hundreds of metres.

Personal protective gear

Personal protective gear is essential when operating in any kind of industrial setting, and not just for fall protection. This includes basic equipment such as safety helmets, protective glasses, and firm-grip gloves and boots.

The firm-grip gloves and boots are especially important, as they will allow workers to work safely with non-slippery items which could cause them to fall.

Webbing slings and safety harnesses

A piece of fall protection equipment that we supply here at Cranes Direct is webbing slings. This equipment is used for such a huge range of tasks within the lifting equipment industry, but height safety equipment is one of its most important uses.

For this reason, it’s not only used as fall protection as safety harnesses in industrial crane settings, but you’ll also see it being used by fearless rock climbers too! Some of the webbing slings that we stock, reliably manufactured by our sister company, can handle weights of up to 80 tonnes!

fall protection

Examples of some safety gear

A webbing sling will typically be used in conjunction with other pieces of fall protection equipment such as height safety kits, safety belts, safety harnesses and safety harness lanyards.

Smaller fall protection accessories

There are dozens of smaller fall protection accessories that you can use, which can be combined with any of the pieces of equipment mentioned above. Some of these items include safety hooks, karabiners, fall arrest blocks, and other height safety accessories such as anchor trollies, straps, and rescue descent devices.

Safety lifting platforms

Finally, safety lifting platforms are a great way to provide fall protection to your employees and workers. Acting like enclosed cages, they allow workers to be safely lifted and lowered to heights, provided by total all-round protection.

Find out more about fall protection items

While we don’t personally stock fall protection items here at Cranes Direct other than webbing slings, we have relationships with some of the most reliable and well-known suppliers of all kinds of safety equipment throughout the UK. We can also source fall protection equipment from our sister companies based near us in the Midlands.

If you want to find out more about how to keep your workers safe, or you’re looking to purchase some equipment for your own operations, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01384 76961 or contact us here.



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