Cranes are some of the most innovative and useful inventions in the world and have been used in dozens of industries worldwide to provide us with the food we eat, the transport we use, the buildings we live in and work under and to power our homes and cities. Their usefulness comes from the fact that they can do things that no normal human can (unless, of course, you are Superman) and so cranes come with their own set of rules and guidelines. Below, we have listed the seven deadly crane sins to avoid (at all costs!) when working with cranes, and the seven heavenly virtues you should aim for instead!

crane sins

Cranes should be used for heavy lifting tasks!

1)   Crane sins-Lust

As with any product, gadget or piece of equipment on the market, there will always be another piece of equipment that you think looks fancier or might be able to do 101 things. As humans, we always want what we can’t have, but remember that in this day and age less is more!

Don’t be lustful for other super fancy looking, multi-functional cranes that you see on the market; simple cranes can still achieve and complete a great number of tasks.

Do your research properly and get a crane that suits your needs.

Opposite is Chastity

2)   Crane sins-Gluttony

Do not overindulge your equipment gluttonously by over using it to the point that it breaks! Treat your equipment properly, follow the safety guidelines that you have been provided with and be sure to regularly check your crane for any damages. Cranes are incredibly strong, but all equipment in life has an end date, so bare this in mind! We’re also on hand to provide site and equipment maintenance and inspections should you wish.

Opposite is Temperance

3)   Crane sins-Greed

Do not get over greedy with the load that you subject your crane to lift and lower! While you might not be hurting a crane’s feelings by over-working it through slave driving, you might hurt its service life. Treat your crane with the same respect that you’d want to be shown!

Opposite is Charity

4)    Crane sins-Sloth

Your shiny new crane does not mean that you can put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea! Some cranes still need to be manually operated, and there will still be physical work for you to conduct and get involved with, such as checking that the crane and the load are in good condition and powering up or down your crane should it need it.

Opposite is Diligence

5)    Crane sins-Wrath

Remember that a poor workman always blames his tools! If something goes wrong or your crane is unable to lift the load that you require, do not take it out on your crane! If you are having problems or need a crane that can handle a different task or a heavier load, simply get in touch with us and we can find something more suitable for your needs. Here is the perfect example of how not to handle your equipment: Basil Attacks His Car - Fawlty Towers - BBC

Opposite is Forgiveness

6)   Crane sins-Pride

Do not be over proud in your own lifting abilities. No matter how strong you think you might be, cranes have been manufactured for a reason, and make sure that you use it for that. Humans do not like to think that they are unable to achieve something themselves and are limited in their ability, and so overwork themselves! Your crane is there to help. If you are lifting something manually, make sure you follow guides for the correct lifting and lowering of loads.

Opposite is Humility

 7)   Crane sins- Envy

Finally, do not be envious of any of your fellow competitors or neighbours and their use of cranes. Each business is at a different stage and has a different purpose, so some businesses may have many, many cranes. Remember that some of our cranes, such as some of our mobile gantry cranes, are portable, and so can do many things within many different areas of a worksite, or even multiple worksites. Cranes allow you to be extremely cost effective and economical, so use them to your advantage!

Opposite is Kindness

crane sins

Keep it simple! Many of our cranes are portable and multi-functional, so you do not need more than one

 More on our cranes and being a better person

We hope that the above guidelines will not only help you to work much more efficiently and safely with cranes, but maybe to become a better person as well! If you’re looking to confess any sins, may we suggest popping down to your local church, but if you want to talk cranes, get in touch with us here.


Image credits: USA Today and cruonline

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