Buying Accessories for your Crane

Stuck trying to decide between which accessories would be most useful for your crane or your lifting operation? We know that there’s a lot to choose from on the market, and it can be a little overwhelming at times! Below we've laid out this guide to provide you with tips on buying accessories for your cranes.


Why do you need accessories for your cranes?

While we offer a great number of cranes here at Cranes Direct, it isn’t always so commonly known that the cranes don’t do the actual lifting and lowering themselves; they simply provide a support structure. Instead, cranes are compatible with a number of accessories which can lift different weight, perform various functions or provide several benefits to their users.

buying accessories


An example of a gantry crane with a lifting hoist accessory attached

As well as choosing the crane that you want and need, you will need to do the same thing for your crane accessories too.

What crane accessories do we stock at Cranes Direct?

Below you can read more on the range of lifting accessories that we can provide.

Lifting hoists

These are some of the most common pieces of lifting equipment that are utilised with cranes. These are available as either manually operated chain blocks or electrically powered hoists. With hooks on the end for easy load attachment and being able to lift up to 50 tonnes (50,000Kg), lifting hoists are a great accessory.

Beam accessories

Beam accessories are accessories that are compatible with overhead cranes; cranes which feature a beam in their structure. This would come in the form of something like a beam trolley, and allows for the easy movement of loads across the width of the crane.

Lifting slings

Lifting slings, such as webbing slings or round slings, are lifting accessories similar to lifting hoists. They are lightweight and flexible in nature, making them easily portable and will reduce any damage caused to the load.

Loose tackles

Loose tackles, which are crane accessories such as eye bolts/swivel eye bolts and shackles, are useful for forming connections between two lifting accessories or between a load and an accessory. These pieces of lifting accessory are particularly useful for when the load has no way of being lifted; a shackle can be fixed into place to provide an anchor point.

Plate lifting accessories

Lifting magnets are used to allow for the lifting of sheets of metal using magnets. As with the above, this is useful if the sheets have no way of being lifted but shackles or eyebolts cannot be attached either.

Tips when buying accessories for your cranes

Here we’ve provided some useful tips that you can use to help you to narrow down the variety of crane accessories that we have on offer.

How heavy is the load that are you lifting?

One of the ways in which we can help is to make sure that the lifting accessory that you choose can handle the weight of the loads that you plan to lift. It is important that you properly plan for this beforehand to avoid any accidents. Things like lifting hoists can lift up to 50,000Kg, while webbing slings are more around the 10,000Kg mark.


What lifting operation do you need to complete?

Based on the descriptions of the various lifting accessories that we have explained above, what do you think would be best suited to your lifting operation? Are you looking to move loads across a beam, to lift a heavy load or to move metal sheets around?


Manual or electric

Some pieces of lifting accessory will be manually operated, while others are electrically operated. How are you looking to lift and lower your load? Please note that generally the safe working load of a manually operated accessory is much lower than one that is electrically powered.

buying accessories

An example of a manually operated hoist


Are you looking for a reputable supplier?

Some of the pieces of lifting accessories that we stock are from well-known and reputable suppliers such as Yale and Stahl. Our own offerings of lifting accessory are manufactured to an extremely high quality, but we understand that sometimes you may want to choose a named brand.


How portable would you like your lifting accessories to be?

Think about the portability of your lifting accessories and how often and how far you’ll be moving them. Lifting accessories such as webbing slings are extremely light, making them an easy option should you need to move them around a lot.


Want to know more about our range of lifting accessories?


If you still have further questions about buying accessories and aren’t sure which one might be best for your lifting operation, then we would be more than happy to help you choose. Simply give us a call on 01384 76961 or contact us here.



Image credit: Robin Robbins

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