How to select the best crane for your business

Here at Cranes Direct, we stock over a dozen different types of cranes across five varying categories; each with a slightly different purpose, function or benefit. Despite these variations, there are some tips and guidelines you can follow for narrowing down the broad spectrum of choice and getting the best crane for your business.

What does your business need to use a crane for?

Think carefully about the exact reasons that you need a crane in your business. This can involve many different factors.

Is it purely to make the worker’s life a little easier and have things moved around a worksite more smoothly? Is it to lift heavy loads that the workers themselves are unable to lift? Or is it to act as a vital function for your manufacturing process?

Try and think as long term as possible here; a crane is an investment and it is worth getting this right early on. If you think that the needs of your crane may change, for example perhaps you’ll need to be lifting heavier loads, then you can plan accordingly for this at the beginning and choose the best crane for the long term. All cranes come with a safe working load limit, and it’s crucial that you don’t lift over these weights.

Where will you be using your crane?

Think carefully about where you will want to be using your crane. Overhead cranes are designed to, as the name suggests, operate overhead, meaning that you are still left with plenty of space in your workspace.

best crane

Where will you be using your crane?


Another factor to consider is if you will be using your crane outdoors where it may be subject to the elements. While all of our cranes have a good level of resistance to corrosion and rust, these things will wear it down overtime, and a crane constructed from aluminium will have a greater resistance to these elements.

Will you need to move your crane?

This is another important factor to consider. Some cranes have wheels attached on the bottom and are designed to be detached and folded; perfect for moving around wherever you like. Other cranes are set into a fixed location, designed simply to operate in that area.

As with the need to think about what you will be using your crane for, try and think ahead with this one too. Once a crane is fixed in a location, you won’t be able to move it if you suddenly realise that you need to!

What cranes do we stock at Cranes Direct?

The above are the main factors that you must consider when selecting the best crane for your business. Once you have thought about these things, you will be able to narrow them down into one of the five categories of cranes that we stock here at Cranes Direct.

Jib cranes

Jib cranes are typically constructed from a supporting beam and a slewing arm, but can come in a number of different varieties:


-          Articulated jib crane – a slightly more innovative jib crane with a flexible bend in the slewing arm, meaning it can operate around corners

-          Double arm jib crane – a newer type of jib crane, this consists of a supporting beam and two slewing arms

-          Over braced jib crane – a tall, floor-mounted team crane with an over braced slewing arm

-          Slewing jib cranes – these can operate within a full 360 degree radius

-          Under braced jib crane – similar to the over braced jib crane, with the only distance being that the slewing arm is under braced instead

-          Wall mounted jib cranes – jib cranes that are fixed onto the wall


Mobile lifting gantry

A mobile lifting gantry is designed with ease of movement in mind as they can be detached and easily folded up for portability. They also have wheels attached to the bottom, allowing you to move them around while they are still assembled. They can be custom built to your own specifications.

Aluminium gantry crane

An aluminium gantry crane is extremely similar to a mobile lifting gantry, with the difference being that it is constructed from aluminium. This means that it is lighter in nature and will lift a lighter load, but will be more resistant to the corrosive elements.

Overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are designed to operate overhead, leaving you with a great deal of space on the workshop floor. We stock double girder overhead cranes, light single girder overhead cranes, heavier single girder cranes, custom made overhead cranes and underslung overhead cranes, ideal for low ceilings.

best crane

This is an example of a large overhead crane that we stock at Cranes Direct

Mobile floor cranes

Mobile floor cranes are small, portable and lightweight cranes, ideal for small workshops. They have a lower lifting capacity than our other range of cranes.

Find out more about our cranes

For more information on the cranes or cranes accessories that we stock at Cranes Direct, you can get in touch with us here. We will be happy to advise on the best crane for your business.




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