One of the most useful types of cranes that has been invented is the overhead crane. Finding itself being used in dozens of industries, it’s large nature, travelling beam and the fact that it provides plenty of space underneath all mean that it has become a staple part of many industries. One such way that overhead cranes are used is within the metal refinement industry, and below we have explained more on how this is done.

What is metal refinement?

Metal refinement is the process of turning impure metal into pure metal. This process differs from other ways of transforming impure metals, such as smelting and calcining, as refining generally doesn’t add any extra chemicals to the impure metal in order to make it change.

overhead cranes

Overhead cranes are crucial for the completion of construction projects using metal

Generally, pure metals are more corrosion resistant than impure metals, and so the former is the more desirable form for metals in many industries around the world. Below we have explained how overhead cranes help in this process.

Using overhead cranes to help with metal refinement

Overhead cranes are used at every step of the process when it comes to purifying metals, making it an absolutely crucial part of the industry. Here is how an overhead crane is used for metal refinement:


-          The raw materials used within the process are poured into a heating furnace using an overhead crane

-          The overhead crane helps to roll hot metal until it reaches the right level of thickness

-          Once the hot metal has reached this level of thickness, it is then stored for cooling, which is done using an overhead crane

-          Once this process has been completed, the finished metal is then loaded onto transportation devices using overhead cranes

-          The industries and factories that make use of this finished metal, such as those that want to stamp the metal, will generally use an overhead crane to do so

Gantry cranes help for the refinement of several metals, including copper, steel and iron; all crucial metals used across dozens of industries around the globe.

Why is an overhead crane used for metal refinement?

One key reason why overhead cranes are used for metal refinement is for the fact that they are overhead, leaving a great deal of space underneath for activity. This means that items such as large cooling tanks can easily traverse down the production line.

This is also the other big benefit of overhead cranes for the metal refinement industry; that they allow for items to travel along a set path to reach a destination without the crane itself having to move.

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It’s not just metal refinement that overhead cranes are used for; you’ll also see them in dozens of other industries such as in paper mills, warehouses and shipping dockyards. Overhead cranes come in a range of sizes and with varying functions, so to find out more about our overhead cranes, please give us a call here.


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