A-Frame gantries are a crane used for industrial lifting. It is a type of crane that is not fixed to the structure of a building in the way that overhead gantry cranes are. These cranes are known across the industry under a number of different names such as A-Frame cranes, A-Frame lifting gantry, light duty gantry cranes or mobile A-Frame gantry. They are generally used for lifting light to medium loads.

As the name suggests, it has two ‘A’ shaped legs. These legs support a horizontal beam that is bolted to the legs to create a strong framework, capable of taking heavy loads. The mobile A-Frame gantry is very similar in design except that it has a set of wheels attached to it that make it mobile.

Installing an A-Frame gantry

The A-Frame gantry is usually bolted to the floor for stability. It has special plated feet that are designed for this purpose. However, A-Frame gantries can be easily dismantled as and when required by simply removing the bolts. Once it is moved to a new location, it needs to be bolted down again. It is not essential to bolt down the gantry though, and it performs just as well without the bolt-down procedure. This allows the gantry to be used in several areas without the hassle of having to install it every time. Installation of the gantry should be checked by a competent service provider.

A-frame gantries

An A-Frame gantry derives its name from it’s A shaped legs

Advantages of an A-Frame gantry

So, it’s great for lifting in different areas within the same work environment. The heavy base-plates provide a great amount of stability, preventing the frame from toppling over. It provides a cost effective, movable solution for lifting heavy loads without having to undergo the expense of installing a permanent fixture in the workplace. The gantry can be easily transported in the back of a truck to a new location, where it can be put to use again. Health and safety norms are of paramount importance when using lifting equipment, in order to prevent accidents. A gantry should never be moved when the load is on it. This can be extremely dangerous and may cause the gantry to topple over, creating an extremely hazardous situation.

An A-Frame gantry is usually made out of aluminium or steel. The aluminium models are lighter than the mild steel ones. While they can be easily put together by one person, it usually requires two or more people to hoist it up to standing position. These gantries are equipped with height adjustable features depending on the load. They can usually hoist up to 2 to 5 tonnes of weight. A-Frames are not as expensive as other lifting devices and are extremely efficient crane systems for lifting heavy loads. So, it could be just what you need.

How are A-frame gantries used?

So, how do A-Frame gantries work? When the gantry is installed, the load is taken to the gantry and placed underneath. The gantry is then positioned above the load that is to be lifted. A beam clamp is usually required, which is fixed to the horizontal beam on the gantry. Another alternative is a beam trolley that moves along the beam, as required. The trolley can be manually operated or via a powered system for ease of use.

Several other lifting devices can be loaded onto the beam. These include an electric or lever hoist, a chain block or a lifting magnet. The load can then be attached to the appropriate lifting appliance, hoisted and moved. Additional safety features such as isolator switches or a cable management system can make the entire operation hazard free. These gantries are typically used in manufacturing operations, where large parts need to be moved within or out of a work environment. They may also be used in larger warehouses, where they are used to carry bulky or heavy loads across the warehouse.

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